Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Great Expedition Finale

"HALT!" Briar Beauty repeated.
"What?! Get me out of here!!" Scarlet cried.
"Briar! Get her down! She's with me!" Chelsea said.
"Chelsea, we've put up Barbie repellant. You shouldn't have come."
"It was all an accident! None of this happened as we thought!!" Chelsea replied.
"Yeah!" Scarlet piped in.
Chelsea explained their side of the story.
"Yeah! The barbie was tripped!" Scarlet added.
"I believe them," Elsa said and shot an ice shard at the chains.
Scarlet fell onto the shelf and sighed.
Briar and Scarlet began to talk and apologize.
Cerise walked over to Chelsea.
"You did it. You've brought our two sides to peace."
Cerise hugged Chelsea.
Scarlet and Chelsea came home and Heidi grabbed Chelsea to tell her everything. After Chelsea explained, Heidi looked puzzled.
"So, what about a new home? That's what you left for!" She said.
"I think, that this is the perfect place for us." Chelsea replied after giving it some thought. Heidi nodded.
"We should get some sleep. Good night, Chelsea."
I hope you enjoyed my photostory!!:)


  1. That was so sweet! Nice work, I loved the series!:)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Thanks, Lydia! I'm so glad you liked it!:)

  2. This was awesome! Loved it! :)