Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Snow Days

Happy New Years Eve! Oh my goodness! It snowed some place that is really close to me and I got to take pictures with Ginger Spice in the snow!:D Here are the pictures-
Isabelle loves the snow!:)

Isabelle looks so pretty in the snow!:)

I love the snow!:)

I'm dreaming of aaaa whiiiite Chrissttmaaaas! Too bad it's not Christmas!:/

I love this picture!!:)
We were at the base of a mountain so you could see the trees go straight up!:)
Standing in the snow!:)
This has to be my favorite picture of all time!:D
I like how this picture is dark!:)
The snow had started melting in some places!
I love taking pictures of Isabelle in the snow!
I don't get how people can resist taking pictures in the snow!
But my fingers were so cold and I kinda felt like my fingers might be getting slightly blue.XD
Her Samantha and my Isabelle!:)
I love this picture also!;)
Snowy trees!:)

Then, my phone died.XP and there was so many more picture qualities! See that place that had all the sunshine? Me and Ginger were going there next, and it was so beautiful, but alas! My phone died so we left.:(
         Do you love the snow??