Friday, December 26, 2014

To The Library! Part 1

Hey everyone!:)
Sloan walked into the Library, it was around six o' clock and she had to grab a book for her sister.
Sloan set down her purse when something caught her eye, more like, someone.

Trying to look at the girl, Sloan tilted her head.
"Hi!" Sloan said.
"Uh hey!" The girl responded. She had an accent, Sloan noticed. She couldn't exactly place it though...
"I'm Sloan."
"I'm Sophie."
"Ooh! Is that science, eighth grade? That was so hard!" Sloan asked, and pointed at her book.
"Oh, no, not really for me. I have a photographic memory, so it's easy." Sophie replied modestly.
"What?! That is SOOO awesome!" Sloan cried out, getting a sharp shush! From the librarian.
Sophie smiled and continued working on her school.
After a while Sophie began to pack up. Sloan noticed her suitcase.
"Are you going somewhere?" She gestured to the case.
"I'm moving in with a family around here," Sophie explained.
"Really? Who are you staying with?" Sloan questioned.
"A person called, Emma and her kids," Sophie responded.
"No way! I'm one of her kids!!" Sloan cried and got shushed again.
"Seriously?" Sophie replied.
"How about I take you to our house?" Sloan suggested. Sophie agreed and began to pack her stuff.
"I'll be back, I'm gonna grab a book to bring to my sister," Sloan said and dashed off.
Sophie stashed her stuff into her backpack.
How lucky am I that I get such an amazing sister? Sophie thought.
Sophie stood and waited for Sloan to finish.
"Ready?" Sloan asked. Sophie nodded and they stepped into the night.
That's it for today! I'll post the next part tomorrow!:)


  1. So cute!You always have the best photo stories!

    1. Aw! Thank you so much! Have you ever checked out Ginger Spice's blog? She has great photostories too! Her blog is

  2. Hehe! I WAS right! Sophie is so pretty; I want to get buy her for my birthday. Have fun with her, Emma!

    1. LOL! Yes, she is! She's so beautiful! Thank you!:)