Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tsum Tsum adventures!

Hey everyone! Stitch took these pictures before he was assigned to a doll, he had decided he'd go out and get something to eat for his last moments of freedom!;)
I waited patiently for my foods. 
Still waiting for my foods. *snuffle snuffle* 
(My Tsum Tsums's like if you've ever heard a's just a lot of snuffling...XP)
I snuffled the food.
After Stitch ate his food-
I was so full! So full! I ate the whole bowl of chili....sooooo spicy 
I desperately licked up my water!
So much foods and water for such a tiny thing...


  1. LOLOL! That was so adorable and chubby! :D

  2. Cute photostory! If I were to be taken away or given to someone {probably wouldn't ever happen ;)} I would go out to eat too. :)
    How many of those Tsum Tsum things do you have?

    1. Thanks! LOL! Yes, it just seems the logical thing to do!;) I have three- Stitch, Pooh, and Bullseye. I got Stitch and Bullseye in my stocking for Christmas!:)

  3. That's just totally adorable! HE'S SO CUTE! And funny! and chubby! and just plain adorable........