Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year Celebration

Hey everyone! Last night was an interesting night, check it out!:)
Everybody clambered around trying to find a spot to cuddle in. On New Year's Eve, they do this together, because they end the year together and they start the year together!:D
Currently, Elizabeth and Elsa were extremely tired, they were taking a quick power nap.;)
Cecile, Sophie, and Saige cuddled in to keep warm.
"I'm too tired to exist!" Saige wailed.
Jess looked around for a good cozy spot.
"Oh, Elsa, don't go to sleep just yet, it's only 10 pm!" Nikki comforted.
"Ugh! I hate New Years Eve, everybody explodes fireworks and puts on really loud music!" Jess complained.
"I can already hear the booming music," Julie mumbled as she drifted in and out of sleep.
Everybody decided that they would go to bed now, since everyone was exhausted!
"Too. Tired." Saige grumbled right before she fell asleep.
12:00--- THE NEW YEARS
Fireworks exploded and everyone bolted out of their sleep.
Saige had a little bit of a heart attack, she was racing down the hall before anyone could say other wise.
"Okay, everybody, it's just fireworks, you can go back to bed now," Jess soothed.
Everyone settled in again, except a certain person...
"I can not sleep!" Jess whispered to nobody.
Jess grabbed some cotton balls.
And stuck them in her ears to block out the sound. She got a peaceful sleep.;)


  1. "Too tired to exist!" LOL! Very cute!


    1. LOL! Thanks!:) It's something I would probably say!;)

  2. Saige had a mini heart attack XD and ran down the hall before anyone could say anything XD I giggled very loud at that! Now my brother wants to know whats so funny.

    1. LOLOL! Yes, I think Saige was a little sleep deprived.XD LOLOL!