Monday, January 5, 2015

TAUT - Remember Me? - Part 1

Hey everyone! AHHHH! It's finally here!! TAUT, my new photostory series. TAUT is short for Teenagers Against Unstoppable Tyrants.:D TAUT is the the photostories name, but each one will be like a new book in the series, having another name for the one book (photostory) itself.;) And now....presenting- for the very first time... TAUT!:D

Dmitri walked out of her quarters and groggily dragged herself to the main computer. 
Chris's bedroom door creaked open and Chris's head popped out.
"Hi, Dmitri," Chris said over a yawn. Dmitri nodded and continued clicking keys on the computer.
"What are you looking at?" Hayden suddenly asked.
Dmitri turned to look at Hayden's gray eyes, "I'm trying to figure out the code to break the lock on the cellphone, so that we can contact our parents, and they will take us home."
"Oh really, you need to stop that, the code changes every ten minutes and if you happen to find out the correct password, it signals HQ," Chris explained.
"I know, Chris. But that's not going to stop me from trying to find a way out of here," Dmitri replied through gritted teeth. Each one of the group had been taken from their homes and being used as TAUT's talented slaves or as they called it "helpers." But long ago they knew they weren't just "helping" for a little while, they would be "helping" for the rest of their lives. Each person in the group has a special talent, Hayden was the spy, she could sneak up on you in a second and you wouldn't have seen it coming, Chris was the brain, she could tell you anything you could ever ask on any subject and give you the perfect answer, Daisy was the actress, she could make you believe anything no matter how insane it sounded, Logan was the muscle, could basically lift anything, he had a black belt in karate, and then there was Dmitri, the leader, she led the group, she though of the ideas, and she could take you through fire without you getting burnt, and she perfected everybody's flaws. (Although, she has a short temper;))
They had these talents naturally, but they were taken and were infused with a special fluid called Arectanomium that would intensify their natural talents three times.
"Oh, Dmitri, you're wasting your time," Logan said as he walked through his door.
"Logan! I won't waste my time trying to figure out the code!"

"That's because I will!" Chris interrupted, "if Dmitri days that this is what she wants to do, then this is what we do!" Chris pushed Dmitri away.
A door swung open revealing Sara, TAUT's co-manager. Everybody's necks turned around and Chris quickly snapped the computer off.
"Teens, there is a rogue army plane, named ARGO, that is flying around and shooting at random places, we fear that this will continue making chaos and people will get hurt, everyone will have to go to, what we guess, is ARGO's next target," Sara took a breath, "our guess says that ARGO will be flying over the Yellow National Forest. If you guys stop it there, nobody will get hurt."
Dmitri looked down, concocting a plan.
"Okay, so we'll fly to the spot where you say ARGO will strike next-" 
"That won't work. ARGO gave us a little surprise visit this morning while you guys were sleeping, they damaged the planes. The planes can't fly," Sara explained.
"What happened when we were sleeping?" Daisy walked through her door.
"Rogue plane, a big forest, no planes," Logan muttered vaguely.
"We'll fill you in later," Dmitri said and started clacking around on the computer researching the forests and paths.
"Here are the coordinates, you will have to meet ARGO at a halfway point between his next strike, we will have to give you then to figure out how to stop the plane," Sara handed Dmitrk a slip of paper. Dmitri clicked "enter" on the computer and then groaned.
"We will have to go on foot, and sadly, stray from the path."
"Ooh, fun! An adventure!" Hayden cried sarcastically.
"The plane will fly over heard at the estimated time at 3:00 pm tomorrow. You think you can get there by then?" Sara asked.
Chris gasped. 
"Yellow National Forest is less than a days travel away, in a car, and when that time slot we would have just a few minutes less than 8 hours to travel 25 miles deep in the forest, ALSO- we would have to set up whatever Dmitri's thinking to get into the plane! That's cutting things pretty close!!" Chris said while doing calculus in her head.
"I know that things are very uncertain, but you guys need to get the things you need and get into the separate cars we have assigned for you," Sara replied.
Dmitri forgot, they couldn't go out together or they might "overpower" the guards and run away. Dmitri sighed-this was going to be hard to ever get out of here.
Dmitri opened her car door and climbed in. She watched as 4 other cars in front of her loaded in her other friends. 
Logan's car held 4 guards, Dmitri's held 4, Hayden's 3, Daisy's 2, and Chris's held 4. Apparently, it was bad news if they escaped.
EEK! I'll have an official poster up soon, probably after the third part.:) I hope you guys like it!!!:)


  1. Wow, I love it! It's so exciting! Nice work, I can't wait for the next part! :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. This is so cool!!! You have such awesome ideas! I can't wait for the next part, and I can't wait for an official poster!

  3. I have a feeling this is gonna be a great series! I'm so excited to see what happens next! :D

  4. It's awesome! Is TAUT good or evil?

    1. Thanks so much! LOL! I never even thought of that until yesterday! They are evil for kidnapping them, but how they use them is good. So they aren't good and they aren't bad.;)

  5. Ooh! I love this series! :D I need to come up with my own photostory series! (Grace's Baking Day photostory was a disaster)