Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Three Muskateers

Hey everyone! A few days ago, Eden, Sophie, and Sloan had a little fun....check it out!:)
"Hey guys!" Sophie greeted, she fumbled around with three long cardboard stick thingies.
"Hey! What are you doing with those?" Eden giggled.
"Well, I thought maybe you guys would want to play---THE THREE MUSKATEERS!" Sophie cried out dramatically.
"Pick a sword!" Sophie demanded and covered the swords so no one would see which is longer.
"ARGH!!!" Sloan shouted and ripped away a sword. She brandished it and whipped it around.
"AHOY!" Eden yelled and grabbed another sword.
"Huzzah!" Sophie added as she took out the last sword, which was the tallest.
Hopping onto the table, Sophie challenged her fellow companions. *epic music begins to play*
Their cardboard swords clashed as they fought to the DEATH. LOL, not really.;)
Sophie jumped to a nearby box but lost her balance.
Eden pointed her sword at Sophie's chest and told her to surrender.
But NO! It was a trick! Sophie brought her sword down on Eden's sword. Eden's sword fell to the ground and Eden gasped.
"You call those swords?!" Zarina challenged as she flew down to their height.
Flying, Zarina whacked all of their swords to the ground with her real sword.
The girls grabbed their swords and charged at Zarina! Screaming, Zarina fled from the girls.
I saw an empty wrapping paper cardboard thingy that goes inside of the wrapping know what I'm talking about? Well anyways it's like a long cardboard roll, and I cut it up into three pieces and I made swords for my dolls.;) I think they enjoyed playing with them.:) 
Did you ever play with the empty rolls of wrapping paper?


  1. Cute! I loved playing with empty rolls, and I might still love them ;)

    1. Thank you! I love playing with them!:)

  2. Haha, so cute! Yes, I played with those with my little brother when I was 7. We had the most epic sword fight - so much that the cardboard rolls got beat up! LOL.

    That goody Zarina! She's a spiteful little one isn't she? :)

    1. Thanks! Mine would get beaten up too!;)LOL
      PS- yes, I guess so!;)

  3. Awesome photos! Love the story. Who doesn't automatically think swords when they see those long cardboard tubes!

  4. Cute! Way to use your imagination!


  5. A few weeks ago my brother and sister were doing the same thing. Who doesn't like a good sword fight???

  6. That was so cute! I used to whack my brother with them, although I would whack him with anything LOL! Just playing around, though. Never to be rude (that I can remember) LOL! :P

  7. Funny! :D Plastic wrap rolls probably work just as well! :P


  8. Lol! My 3 year old cousin uses cardboard tubes as blowers (his dad loves to do landscaping..their grass is pristine!)

  9. We used to have a dog that you could scare if you talked or made noises through a cardboard tube. Was funny until the time she lunged at it and pushed it back at me, I had a bruise in the shape of a circle around my lips! LOL