Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Eden Finale

It's the end of Eden's journey! What will she decide? Has she decided to stay with the family that she has grown to love---or continue on her world tour??
Eden had packed up and was ready to go. The limo beeped another time to grab her attention...but she was trying to wait for as long as possible for her friends to come out of shooting the next episode of TAUT.
As Eden was about to leave, a few friends appeared!
"Guys! I'm so glad you got here!" Eden exclaimed.
"We are too! Sorry, but we are still in our costumes!" Sophie paused, "I'm so glad that you came to our house."
"Me too...and this won't be the last time I'll see you, I'm planning on being in the area for a concert next year!" Eden smiled sadly, they both knew too well that a whole year or more would be too long to wait. Sophie pulled out a loose eyelash, it was her nervous habit.
"I'm going to miss you so much!" Eden said and Sophie blinked back some tears.
Everybody hugged and then Nikki came up and asked- "do you have a last name? Your covers always just say Eden!"
"My last name is Fitzgerald!" Eden laughed.
They hugged again.
"Tell the others I said goodbye, and that I'll miss them," Eden whispered.
"Adam is so going to miss your pastries!" Nikki laughed.
The limo honked again as Eden walked out. The girls waved sadly.
Eden turned around, wanting to tell them that she was staying with them but she just simply waved goodbye. And a few minutes later, Eden was gone.
So that's it. Eden has left to her next stop- New York City! She was so much fun to have at our home for as long as we got her!:)


  1. Wait a minute. Eden's you're doll, right?


    1. yeah!! isn't she your doll?

  2. :( So she's not staying? That's SO SAD!!

  3. sophie foster... keeper,,, loose eyelash..... KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES?!

    1. YESS! Someone who has read it!!! I LOVE THAT BOOK SO MUCH!!