Friday, January 2, 2015

Eden Part 1

I could not come up with a good name for this photostory!;P
"Everybody, everybody! Gather around!" Molly called.
"Eden, the pop star, is coming to stay at our house, we will be her host home for today and tomorrow," Molly said.
Nikki threw herself to the ground muttering-
"No! No! No! Not another sister!" 
"She's not going to be your sister!" Molly explained.
"I love Eden! Her music is so groovy!" Julie said.
"Me too, but I wouldn't say- "groovy"," Saige giggled at Julie.
"My reaction is like Nikki's. I don't want another girl in the house!" Adam complained.
"Her music is actually really awesome! You'll like her," Sloan replied. Adam looked skeptical.
"Yes! I am so excited not to be the new girl any more!" Sophie squealed.
"She's not staying as our sister! Remember?" Molly added.
"Oh right."
"Molly, you really should have told us before you decided this!" Jess scolded.
"Yeah, some of us might not want a new sister," Isabelle said.
"Well she's not going to be our new sister!" Molly tried.
"Molly, you really shouldn't have done this!" Jess continued.
"I'm so excited!" "I wonder if she's gonna be as pretty as she is on TV?" "I wonder if I could snoop around in her bags and see what I could find?" The questions stopped suddenly when they heard---
"She's here," Molly said.
Who could this mysterious Eden be? Could she be a new MYAG, or maybe a renamed Grace Thomas? Or possibly could I have gotten a Historical Character I never told you guys about?? Soon to be found out in another hour! Comment who you think it is!:)