Friday, January 2, 2015

American Girl Shopping Trip!

Hey everyone! The Grace debut was SO fun! Grace has to be my favorite GOTY so far!;) I took some pictures of the displays for you girls!:)
This display was SOO adorable! It's her bakery! But really? Who is gonna spend $500 on that!!!
These accessories came with Grace's bakery outfit.:) LOOK AT ALL THOSE ADORABLE DOLL THINGS!!
And this oven! Oh my goodness! The bowl and the sink and the roll-y thingie!
The yummy cakes!:)
And they have these cute menus!:)
Rebecca's holiday outfit! So adorable!!!:)
Her new meet outfit! I definitely want this sometime!:)
I don't remember what this is called but it's soooo cute!:)
This tent and the Sparkly Camp Outfit! I so want that tent!:)
Aw! That horse is so adorbs!;)
All the blonde MYAGs, I don't really know why I just took a picture of them.XP
The starry hoodie outfit! So sweet!:)

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