Sunday, January 18, 2015

Aurora's Tea Party

Hey everyone! Aurora had a tea party! Check it out!
Aurora looked at her tablecloths, she was ready to decorate for her tea party.
Aurora set her tablecloths on her table.
She brought out some things she thought would add a pop to her table display. (Her role model is Elizabeth so she talks fashion and tries to do what she would do!;P)
She added a pencil, a necklace and a rose...odd yes, but she thought it looked creative.;)
After she set everything up, with much confrontation with the older girls (they wouldn't let her have anything nice for her tea party because she has been known for breaking things...) she was ready for her guests.
She had her cups...
She had her tea kettle...that's the water bottle.;)
She had her "cookies".
Now, all her friends showed up! Elsa brought two of her stuffed friends and Aurora supplied the other guests.
"Here you go," Elsa said and helped her dog friend reach her tea cup.
"You really should eat more than that, Lotso!" Elsa chided, excited to act older than she really was.
"More tea, Scarlet?" Aurora asked and dribbled some imaginary tea into her cup.
"Have a cookie, Archie!" Elsa said.
"I wouldn't actually eat them," Elsa whispered.
Elsa added cookies to a lot of animal's plates, and gave tea to every animal.
"Mr. Bear! You are looking quite fetching today!" (Elizabeth says fetching...;D)
Elsa glanced at a cookie...she was going to try one...
Elsa spat the cookie out of her mouth and placed it back on the tray.
After a few more hours of play time, Elsa had to leave. She tied up her stuffed animals and walked out of Aurora's room.
"Bye! This was delightful!" Elsa laughed and dragged her stuffed animals away.
I need to make the next part of TAUT and read over what I have written to see what pictures I need to take. I think the next episode is going to only be in the car so I think I can make it soon!:D
   Did you ever have tea parties?


  1. Hi, Emma! I have had tea parties before. This is cute. I'm glad Aurora and Elsa and their stuffies had fun! :)


    1. Thank you, Morgan!:) me too!

  2. Cute!! I like to have tea parties at my Grandma's- she has a beautiful garden and we do it there. :)
    Hey, how many pageviews are you at?? Just curious ^_^

    1. Thanks! That's so cool!:)
      PS- I think around 4,810!:)

  3. Awww! That was so adorable!! :D
    I used to love having tea parties! I would actually pretend to be having a tea party with my "daughters" (my dolls)! It was so much fun! :)

  4. This was so cute! They girl look like they had a lot of fun. : )

    1. Thanks! They did! They already planned a new one!:)

  5. That's adorable! I used to have tea parties with my AG dolls - and I plan to do one big one with my BFF's in the Summer for my birthday. It's totally American Girl themed, with these supplies from Amazon and everything! So fun...

    1. That's really cool! I hope you have a ton of fun!:)