Friday, January 2, 2015

Eden Part 2

Eden walked in.
Everybody looked at the new girl.
"Hello, Eden!" Molly greeted.
"How do you like your new home for now?" Molly asked.
Eden turned to inspect the house.
"It's good, tres chic!" Eden replied, "may you take me to my room?"
"Yes, of course! Tres totally!" Molly laughed while Eden grimaced.
"This is your oui oui casa," Molly said.
"You do know that earlier you said, very totally, and you just said "this is your yes yes home. And home you said in Spanish!" Eden cried exasperatedly.
"Well, I guess I need to brush up in my French," Molly shrugged and walked out.
Eden sighed and began to unpack.
She grabbed her suitcase and started loading it into her drawer.
"There, magnificent non?" Eden placed the top back on the drawer.
 She neatly placed the lid on her suitcase.
And fell on the hard bed, the plane ride had really wiped her out.
That's right! I got Grace! But I renamed her Eden!:)