Friday, April 24, 2015

Keeper Crazy - Part 1 - a mini photostory series

Hey everyone! I finished writing another TAUT story! Woot woot! I've started on another one and then I have only TWO more stories to write before I finish writing my series...Which totally freaks me out.:( But anyhoo, I finished rereading the Keeper of The Lost Cities series (or at least, the ones that have come out;D) and I decided I'd make a photostory around it. LOL! My dolls have been playing a lot of pranks on people lately, and, while it's not the best thing for them to do, it's still hilarious!;)
Check it out!!:)
"Hey, Isabelle! We thought that we would ask you if you want to play a game with us?" Elizabeth asked.
"Yeah sure," Isabelle murmured, not looking up from her book.
"Cool, I was thinking we could play base quest," Sophie suggested.
"What's that?" Elizabeth asked.
"Oh, it's a game I played at my old home. It's sort of like a mixture of capture the flag and tag."
"Oh, hey!" Sophie moved toward Isabelle, "is that the book all about me?"
"Yeah! You're my favorite character! You're so awesome!" Elizabeth grinned.
"Oh, uh, thanks," Sophie mumbled and she blushed at the sort of praise.
"So, um, do you want to play base quest or some other game like freeze tag?" Sophie asked Isabelle, trying to change the subject.
"Yeah, mhm," Isabelle murmured as she flipped a page
"Why isn't she answering us?" Sophie asked.
"Here let me try something," Elizabeth said and walked up to Isabelle, "Hey, Isabelle, Adam is going to play a crazy hobo mountain man in a movie made by a millionaire."
"That's nice," Isabelle muttered.
Elizabeth turned away and looked at Sophie, "I have an idea," Elizabeth smiled mischievously.
"Uh oh," Sophie frowned.
"No, trust me, this would be so funny! Let's make her think that she's been reading that book for ten  years!" Elizabeth grinned. Sophie sighed.
"You're reminding me of my friend, Keefe. He's always making trouble."
Elizabeth smiled again and Sophie gave a small smile.
"Okay, what do you need?"
Elizabeth grinned and told her what she needed. Sophie sighed again but she smiled.
So that's it for the first part.:) The next part should be up tomorrow! Have a good night/evening everybody!:D
Do you have a favorite book? If so, what is it?:)


  1. This sounds like a cool series!

  2. My favorite book series is the Land of Stories by Chris Colfer.

  3. I've read the first one in that series! It was so good and I need to get the second one soon!:)