Saturday, April 4, 2015

Into the Woods Without Delay!

Hi everyone! Some of my dolls did a play of Into the Woods for my other dolls. Check it out!:)
"Once Upon a Time!" Adam called out, starting the play.
"I wish!"  Saige said, she was playing Cinderella.
The play kept going on and "the witch" (Cecile) came into the bakery.:)
"Into the woods to Grandmother's house!" Molly sang out.
"Into the woods to Grandmother's house!" She repeated.
Since I only have Adam and Kristoff joined us to star in the play, we had to double man parts, so Adam played the baker and Cinderella's prince, and Kristoff played Jack and Rapunzel's prince. Here they are singing "Agony". It was quite hilarious. They were so dramatic.;)
Here the baker's wife and Cinderella talking.
"I mean slippers!" the baker's wife cried.
"I need to get home!" Cinderella said.
"AAGH!" Zarina screamed and whizzed in, wielding her sword.
"This isn't in the play!!" Julie shouted, breaking character.
"AHH!" Zarina yelled, slashing at Cinderella's dress.
"GO SIT OVER THERE!!!" Saige yelled and Zarina fluttered off of the stage.
"Humph!" Zarina complained.
Soon, the play was ending...
"AND HAPPY EVER AFTER!!!" They all sang out.

"I wish!" Cinderella sang and the play ended.
I hoped you liked the story!
Have you watched Into the Woods? If so, did you like it? If not, do you like musicals?:)


  1. That was so cute! I love Into the Woods!!


  2. Replies
    1. Me too! Do you have a favorite?:)

  3. Lol that was amazing! In the second to last picture, the bitty baby fell over.

    1. Thank you! She was probably taking a nap, after all, the musical is 2 hours!;)

  4. I haven't seen it, but I do like musicals. Saige looks so pretty! I love that cream dress. What's it called?


  5. So cute Emma! Now I have that song stuck in my head. :)

  6. Really cute! I also did a photostory on my blog, A Doll's Life.