Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sadie's Hope - Part 1

Hey everyone! That's right! The first part of Sadie's Hope is up!:) Jaclynn and I had planned on her posting the first part, but then things happened and we decided that it would be best for me to post the first part!:) I do want to apologize for not posting the past week. I have pictures and things to post, but I guess I wasn't feeling inspired. BUT, I have been writing a ton (for TAUT) so that's good!:D Okay, so here it is- Sadie's Hope!!!:D
Sadie ran around the street, looking for a place to sleep that would be dry from the rain. Her parents had passed away a few years ago, so to avoid living in the most evil of all orphanages, she lived on the streets. She was constantly on the run, the government didn't like having stray kids roaming the streets. Sadie ran into an alley, her beaten up shoes slapping the wet pavement.
"Hold it, girl," a tall man in a police uniform (Or the best I could do.;)) said. Sadie gasped, as she saw who it was, she raced down the alley.
She ran as fast as her feet could carry her, but all the way she heard the policeman yelling for her to stop and blowing his whistle.
Sadie made a sudden turn to the left, but noticed her mistake too late.
The alley was a dead end.
The policeman walked up to Sadie and said, "I'm not gonna hurt you, I just wanted to ask you a few questions."
Sadie's eyes darted to every place she could escape to but there was no way out.
"How old are you and what's your name?" The policeman inquired.
"Ahem, there you are! Mom and I have been looking everywhere for you!" A redheaded girl walked up to Sadie and the policeman.
Sadie was confused at first, but then realized that this girl was trying to help her get away from the policeman.
"Oh? Sorry, I was just-" Sadie looked at the police officer, "-going for a walk."
The redheaded girl sighed, then turned to face the officer and said, "Thank you, sir. We should be getting back to our mother now." The police officer gave a wary look but didn't say anything more.
After the policeman had gone, the redheaded girl sighed a sigh of relief and introduced herself, "My name is Amy."
"Sadie," Sadie responded.
"So, don't you know better than to go walking through alleys?" Amy asked, raising her eyebrow.
"I-I'm used to dealing with policemen," Sadie replied with an equally high eyebrow. Amy made a smile that told Sadie that she understood about having to deal with policemen.
"So you live on the street too?" Sadie questioned.
"Well, not exactly..." Amy said slowly.
"Then- what?" Sadie asked further.
"I live on my own, but I have a much nicer place to sleep than in old garbage cans or on the cold, hard concrete," Amy stated.
"Oh," Sadie replied, "I see. Well, I'll be on my way then, thank you for your help."
"Oh, um, wait, would you like to stay with me for the night?" Amy offered kindly.
"Oh, that's very kind of you but I'm used to having to-" Sadie was cut off by Amy.
"I have lots of food!" Amy bribed.
Sadie faltered. She hadn't had any good food for a long time.
"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to stay for just one night..." Sadie said slowly.
Amy smiled, "okay then, it's this way!" Sadie hesitantly followed Amy into the busy streets of New York City. Amy dodged around the streets, swiftly like a cat. Sadie was still exhausted from trying to escape the police, but she somehow managed to keep up. Amy twisted and turned in the alleys until she came to a hole in a broken down alleys until she came to a hole in a broken down building.
Amy gestured her hand towards the hole and said, "well, here we are!"
" live in a hole?" Sadie asked doubtfully, wondering how a lot of food could fit in there.
"The hole is just my secret entrance, it's actually pretty big inside," Amy stated.
"Oh," Sadie replied, still a little doubtful.
However, Sadie was quite surprised when she walked through the hole and saw a couch along with some bags of chips on the coffee table.
"Woah," Sadie said in awe, never had she seen so much food in one place since she was on the street. Although she was ecstatic to see so much good food, she also felt sad inside as she remembered her old home when her parents were still alive.
Amy frowned, noticing the sadness in her eyes.
"How long have they been gone?" Amy asked gently.
Sadie looked at Amy and her warm blue eyes, "3 years, I have a brother though, but he's stuck in an orphanage." Sadie scolded herself for giving away that last piece of information. She hadn't been planning on sharing that with anybody, let alone a stranger.
"I'm so sorry, Sadie. My parents have been gone for 5 years now. And how is your brother in an orphanage and you aren't?" Amy inquired.
"I had to get out of there. I told him I'd come back for him," Sadie said looking away.
"Oh...Well, don't worry, we'll help you get him out," Amy offered and placed her hand on Sadie's shoulder.
Sadie smiled, "thank you." Then Sadie srinkled her eyebrow and asked, "What do you mean by 'we'll help you get him out'?"
Amy grinned mischievously but said no more, only walked over to the chips and tossed a bag to Sadie.
Sadie just shrugged it off and stuck her hand in the bag of chips, "So, when do you think you can help me get my brother?" Sadie asked, she was desperate to get him back.
"Very soon, but I'll have to send word to some friends first," Amy explained.
"Seriously! Who are they?" Sadie shouted, she was done with the mystery.
Amy sighed and said, "Come with me."
The next part will be posted on Jaclynn's blog.:)


  1. That was sooo great! Can't wait for more! *CAN'T WAIT*

  2. You are great at coming up with series! I love this!

    1. Thank you! We both appreciate it!:)

  3. This is good! Can't wait for more! By the way, have you checked out my new series? It is called The Detectives of Iris Valley. Hope you will check it out!

    1. Thank you, and yes, I have checked it out.:)

    2. What did you think? Should I continue it?

  4. very good! by the way, is sadie eden or Riven-Delle?

    1. Thank you! Well, Jaclynn and I both have Grace (Eden and Riven-Delle) so when she makes her parts Sadie is played by Riven-Delle, and when I make my parts Sadie is played by Eden.:)

  5. cool! how will you do the other charchters?

    1. We only used ones that we both had.:) For instance, we both have Saige, Cecile, Julie, Jess etc.:)

  6. That was really good! I liked it! ;)

  7. Oh!!! Can you let us know when the next part is up?

    1. The second one is up on Jaclynn's blog now. The third one will take at least a week to get up though.:)


  9. Your photostories are always so creative and awesome! Cannot wait for the next part(I read the second part on Little House of American Girl.)