Saturday, April 18, 2015

More Awards!;)

Hey everyone! I was nominated by a couple of people! Yay!;) 

The first questions are from Madison for the Darling Doll Blog Award. Thanks!:)

1. How much longer do you plan on blogging for?

Um, forever?;) Unless I completely go out of dolls (which I don't see happening) then I'll be up here forever!:)

2. Do you have a real-life BFF?

Yes! If you come here often, you know that Dee/Jaclynn is my BFF in the real world and blogosphere!:)

3. Who’s your favorite AG doll EVER, retired or available? You can include ones you already have or don’t have.

Grace Thomas or MYAG #24 (Sophie)

4. Can you do a cartwheel?

If a very spastastic cartwheel where I usually end up not doing it right counts---yes....;) I'm very gangly and it makes it hard to do cartwheels.XD

5. Ice-cream or frozen yogurt?

It all depends on my mood!:) 

I nominate-

Carrot and Claire

Journal of Two Dolls

Small Town American Girlz

An American Girl Doll Blog

Kitties Holding Dolls

Here are your questions-

Where do you find inspiration for stories, photos, etc?

Do you like to write stories?

Do you like to draw?

If you could make a boy doll, what would he look like?

Do you like Steampunk fashions?:)

I also got nominated for the Summer Bucket List Tag by Kathleen!:) Thanks!:)

The rules are-

1. Write 15 things that you want to do this summer (if you can’t think of 15 that’s okay) and publish it in a post.

2. Insert the picture (I don't know where it is!;))

3. Nominate 4 other people to do the tag.

4. Have fun!

1. Finish a couple TAUT stories and Ebony and the Light Switch.

Yeah, I have a few ideas for TAUT stories and I want to write them!:) Also, you haven't heard anything about Ebony and the Light Switch, but it's a story that I'm having some trouble on....what's gonna happen next? is my biggest question. LOL!XD

2. Go to the beach!!!

I love the beach so much and I want to go as many times as I can!:)

3. Go shopping with Jaclynn!

It hasn't happened yet and I want to!XD

4. Go to Disneyland again!

If you've been here (on my blog) for awhile then you know I went to Disneyland with Jaclynn, it was the best time I've had and I want to do it again.

5. Ride Tower of Terror in Disneyland!

Yeesh! I told myself I was gonna do it, but I'm so scared!

6. Post lots of TAUT stories and maybe some other stories.:)

7. Buy Chloe, Faye (I've heard she's being retired!:(), and Hailey.

New dolls, yay!:)

8. Camp! 

I haven't camped in forever and I want to do it again!:)

9. Hike!

I love to hike and there are a few places I want to go hike at....:)

10. Decorate my room.

I redid my room to be all Frozen-y, and there are a few projects I need to do.:)

11. Post more.

It's been a struggle to post lately....maybe I need to take a break so I can gain inspiration and take pictures.:)

12. Practice drawing and acting and some hobbies of mine.:)

Practice makes perfect and I'm trying to get better.:)


Yes! I want to buy lots of books and read them! I just bought a new book by an author I love! The book looks so good and I'm dying to read it, but I have to finish rereading Keeper of the Lost Cities (Exile)!!!0o0 So I wait....

14. Bake a pie.

If you've gone to my About Me page, you know I've been wanting to bake a pie.;)

15. Journal.

I have a journal and I want to journal more about my summer.:)

I could probably think of more, but 15 is the number.;)

I nominate-

Little House of American Girl (oh Dee, you have to!XD)

A Doll's Point of View

American Girl Guide

Doll DIYs

Thank you again everybody who nominated me! Real posts coming soon! Probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.:)



  1. Oh wow! That's great that you could come up with more! I was sweating to even list all of mine!

    I'm looking forward to that photostory series!
    May I ask which dolls are Chloe, Faye (I love that name!), and Hailey?
    Ooh, camping!
    Also, is Dee Jaclynn's nickname? Now I'm curious.

    1. I was racking my brain, but I do know that there are things I wanted to do.:) To get more, I would probably have to think a lot more.;)

      Thank you!:)
      Chloe is MYAG #61, Faye is the MYAG with red hair, green eyes, bangs, and freckles, (can't remember the number) and Hailey is short red hair, green eyes, and freckles.:)
      YES! BOOKS!:D
      Yeah, it's short for Donut, her favorite food.:D

    2. Haha, yes!

      Oh, wow, I love all three of those dolls, too. Pur names for them are Lily, Marie, and Hazel, though. FYI, Hailey is #37.
      Oh, it's really cute! Haha!


    3. Oh cool! Thanks!:)
      Can you pick a favorite book?;)

  2. LOL!! That is too funny-I just nominated you for the Summer Bucket List Tag too!! Haha! Next time I'll check before I realize who got what award already. ;-)
    I loved reading your answers to these questions!

    1. LOLOL! Thanks for nominating me anyway!;)

  3. I love awards and award posts! :) (and making up the Good Friend Blogger Award and the Congratulations! Blog Award.

    Allie D.

  4. LOL, I love Tower of Terror! When I was 7 I tried it and got a headache, and when we got passes again last year I (finally) retried it, and loved it. YOU MUST GO ON!

  5. Wow, it means a lot that you nominated me! I will get my award post up soon! :)

  6. I nominated you for an award on my blog, Emma! :)

    1. Oh right! I totally forgot! I'll get it up soon!:)

  7. Two awards back-to-back:
    You have received yet another award! Click here to find it and scroll down until you see it.


  8. This is your month for awards, just received the Blogger Recognition Award! Here's the link:

  9. Congrats on all the awards Emma! ;)