Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Great Tsum Joyride - A Photostory - Part One

Hey everyone! I took these pictures last week, I really wanted to make a photostory, but had no idea what it could be about...then my sister came in and gave me this huge wild story and it turns out, I could use the plot she gave me!;)
All of the tsums stood lazily around the couch. Their owners (The EAH dolls) had left to go to the nearby park to stargaze, so the tsums were bored out of their minds.
"I'm bored," Eric stated the obvious. Since he was the only human tsum, he didn't have an EAH doll taking care of him like the others and since he was a human, that made it possible for him to speak English and not just snuffle like all of the other tsum tsums. 
"What could we do?" Winnie the Pooh snuffled. They understood English but couldn't speak it, they had their own language of the tsums and it was snuffling. 
"Let's go for a ride!" Stitch suggested.
"But we don't have a car!" Eric said and frowned.
"Then we could use the doll power and make one exist out of thin air, like they do!" Bullseye snorted. Everybody agreed that maybe they could conjure some of the Ever After High doll power and make a car appear...just maybe...
All of the tsums huddled together into a circle, bonking noses. They all imagined a car until... 
POP! A bright pink car appeared with a loud bang! 
The tsums packed into the pink car and Eric, being the only human tsum, slid into the driver's seat. 
They drove off of the shelf and onto the soft carpet of Emma'sRoomTopia. The tsums were only planning to go for a fun little ride around the room when they noticed... 
...For the first time in history, Emma had left her door open and was out of sight.
The tsums gasped and Eric hit the brakes in shock. The tsums looked at each other in wonder and with the tiniest nod of Winnie the Pooh's head, Eric slowly put the gas back on and they headed for the open door.
This is where the first part ends, expect the next part soon!:) I still can't believe that I left my door open. Any of my toys could have seen and gotten lost in the maze of my house. *shivers*
Do your toys do anything crazy when you're gone?:)


  1. Haha this is so cute! OMG I LOVE TSUM TSUMS! They are so adorable, I wish there was a disney store in New Zealand, I would buy them all!!!! ok that's a bit of an overkill but you know! They are amazing

    1. LOL! Thanks! Aw, I wish you could get them there!:( They are!:)

  2. This is adorable! They are soooooo cute! I need to buy one( or fifteen )


  3. Well, there was the time my tsums ran away and hid under the couch while I was gone. I need to buy more ever after high dolls to watch them! :)