Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ashlynn Ella Review

Hi everyone!:) As promised, here is the review for Ashlynn!:)
Here she is, a full view from top to bottom! 
I love all of the details that Mattel gives the Ever After High dolls and this doll didn't lack any of them! I love the cute bow on the hood, the fabric choices that they chose (I mean look at that adorable floral pattern on the cape!), and the gold belt!:) 
And look at her map! It's so detailed, it's perfect!:) 
And her candle lamp! Look at the little bird on the top!:D 
And her glass hiking boots! That sounds super uncomfortable, am I right?:) I haven't taken them off yet, but I have a feeling that they will be hard to get off.:P 
A side view so you can see more of the detail.
Her green makeup is so pretty! I always love the makeup on these dolls!:) 
One thing I don't really like is her part. The way this one was parted makes her hair come into her face and I always have to push it back.:P 
A back view.:) Her hair was all messed up when I took her out of the box. I had to finger curl it. 
Also, her skirt is square, which makes it hard to style because it pops up a lot.:/ 
I give the Through The Woods Ashlynn Ella a 4.5 out of 5, taking away .5 because of the skirt and the part.;)


  1. I am wanting to get an Ever After High Doll, but I CANNOT pick just one! ;) I really like Poppy O'Hair, but Ashlynn Ella is gorgeous too! And Apple White, and Briar Beauty, and Blondie Locks....Oh there are just too many! :) Where do I start?

    1. Oh, I totally get it!:) Well, you can just pick the one you want the most now, then get them in order!;) I know how hard it is to pick just one doll at a time!;)