Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sadie's Hope - Part 3

Hey everyone! Eek! Jaclynn and I finally got together and I could use Dallas for Mark in the pictures! I'm sorry it took so long, in case you haven't read the second part, here is the link- LINK...Anyway, here it is---
Once they reached the orphanage where Sadie's brother was, they crouched behind a bush and looked all around them to make sure it was clear.
"Okay, you guys go, make sure she is looking in the opposite way of us, we will have to be going basically, right in front of her face, make sue she's looking away from us! Remember that?" Amy commanded.
"Oh, I have gotcha covered!" Viveca said reassuringly.
"Great! Now go! Move it!" Amy urged.
"Okay, Your Highness!" Mark said as they walked away. Sadie was about to say something but Amy gripped her wrist and shook her head.
 Sadie sighed and whispered, "Why'd you let him say that to you?"
Amy sighed, and looked away, "because he's my brother."
"He's your BROTHER?!" Sadie exclaimed with surprise.
"Yes," Amy replied, "and he's the older brother so I have to let him get away with those things."
Sadie groaned. "That must be so annoying for you."
Amy smiled, but she didn't say anything more about the subject.
"Ma'am! Please, you have to help us, our friend fainted and we can't wake her up!" Viveca cried as Mark carried Gretta inside the orphanage. The woman looked down at the three, a permanent sneer of disgust on her face.
"Please, can't you help us?" Viveca begged with tears streaming down her cheeks.
The woman sighed and looked at Gretta.
"Where are your parents?" She asked, her words in a high mucus-y voice.
"Uh-" Mark began, but Viveca blurted, "We were on our way home from school together, we live in the same neighborhood, so we walk home together, and she just collapsed! There wasn't time to get her parents!"
"I will have to contact your parents immediately. What are their phone numbers?" She asked and picked up the main phone to dial the number.
"Um, 92- wait no. 74- I can't remember!" Viveca growled in frustration and even more tears began to pour out her eyes.
"What are their names, I shall look it up in the phone book," the lady said. Mark saw Amy and Sadie sneak inside and he began coughing hard to distract the lady. The woman rolled her eyes, unamused by the children in front of her.
"Alright, Sadie, let's find your brother!" Amy whispered enthusiastically.
"Okay," Sadie replied as they looked at all the sad faces on beds, tons of little boys crowded the room. Amy and Sadie flashed a pitiful look at each other, feeling bad for all of the little kids.
"SADIE!" A little boy with sandy blond hair screamed. Sadie turned to the sound of her name and rushed to the little boy.
"Oh, Michael! Are you okay?" Sadie asked as she embraced him in a huge hug.
"I'm fine! You finally came!" Michael cried.
"I know, I'm so sorry!" Sadie apologized, still hugging him tight.
"I hate to have to break this up, but we should get going!" Amy said.
"You're right, let's go," Sadie agreed and took her brother's hand as they walked out the door. They crept out of the room towards the front.
"-because my entire family has a really bad case of the flu," they heard Viveca saying as they neared the front room.
"Well, I hope they get better..." The woman said, clearly not caring.
Mark glanced by the wall and saw Sadie peeking around the corner, and he got a great plan. He motioned for Sadie to come out, letting her know that it was okay. So Sadie out, and Michael followed her. Right when they were in plain sight, he yelled, "Whoa, look at that spider on the desk!"
 The lady spun around quickly and caught sight of Sadie, Michael, and Amy. Mark's pride in getting Sadie caught vanished as he noticed his sister was with them as well.
 The woman gasped and grabbed them by their wrists.
"You! What are you doing back here? Trying to save your brother?" The lady asked of Sadie.
"MARK!" Sadie shouted, unable to control herself. Amy stared at her brother in disappointment.
"How could you do this?" She asked sadly.
(Sorry, bad quality.:P)
Mark was in panic now, how could he have been so careless?! Of course Amy was with her! That was the plan!! He had to get Amy back.
"You two," The lady began, her eyes on Amy and Sadie, "Will come with me, and you," She said now looking at Michael, "Will march right up those stairs and stay in the attic!" Michael raced up the stairs.
Amy motioned for the rest of them to run while the lady wasn't looking. Viveca and Gretta raced out of the building while Mark hesitated.
 He stared at his sister with sad eyes, but she mouthed the word, "Go!" to him, and he left.
Oh, Mark, Mark, Mark.;) The next part of Sadie's Hope will be posted on Jaclynn's blog.:)




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  4. Love this story! :D I'm REALLY not liking Mark though! Ugh! He's awful! Anyway, I love that you used Kristof for Michael! HE IS SO CUTE!!! I hope you do the next one really soon.

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