Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Finals - A Photostory

HELLO PEOPLE!XD Okay, sorry, I am just so bored. Okay. Okay. Anyway...Here's a photostory for all of you!:)
It was finals week and all of the Ever After High dolls had been studying for the huge test coming up. They had lived off of coffee just to stay awake. Books were littered all over the floor and Apple White dozed off of on the couch. Dark shadows were lined under everyone's eyes.
Briar Beauty sat on the couch and looked at the scene in front of her. The walls seemed to squeeze in from all sides and Briar found it hard to breath.
Briar hopped onto her feet and shouted, at the top of her lungs, "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!!"
Cedar walked groggily over to Briar and handed her a glass.
"You just need some more coffee. It'll help," Cedar blinked slowly and rubbed her eyes.
Briar gulped down the coffee and looked at Cedar.
"We're out of coffee! Let me run to the store and-" Briar was cut off.
"I'll go get some more coffee and you can study more for that test," Kringle Flurry said, grabbed the cup out of her hand and dashed out of the room.
"I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Briar wailed and threw herself onto the couch, "How long have we been studying and been cooped up in this little room?"
Cedar plopped onto the arm of the couch and yawned.
"It's been...four days...but not exactly, I don't remember the exact time we started studying, I feel like it was at 11, but then again it could have been earlier or later. But around four days...ish..." Cedar spoke slowly. Even if she was beyond tired, she still over-explained things. 
"FOUR DAYS?!" Briar shouted and jumped up. Her muscles ached and her head felt foggy. She stifled a yawn and continued, "Four...days?! I can't even...that's too much," Briar's eyelids felt extremely heavy and she blinked them rapidly.
"THAT'S WAY TOO LONG!" She continued to shout. 
"Okay, no need to shout. You've been at this for a couple minutes and now you need to get back to studying for that," Cedar yawned, "test."
Briar fell back to her couch and immediately, fell asleep.
Wow. I am seriously so tired now. I keep yawning and my eyelids feel so droopy. I need to go do jumping jacks or something to wake up!XD Ooh! Or get some tea!:P
Well, I'm gone to make some tea now! Toodles!:D
Are you on summer break yet?:)


  1. Oh my gosh i love EAH dolls too :):)
    also who is ur favorite character?mine is maddie :):)
    do u like to play with barbies?did you know that their is a collecters barbie doll catalogue. it's fun too look at even though it is expensive.
    I enjoy reading your blog
    - Sosafruit

    1. Oh, hm....I don't know.....Cedar Wood is so pretty, but I love Cerise...but then I really like think Cedar Wood.:)
      Yes! I post about them every now and then.:) Oh, I didn't know about that!:) Thank you!:)

  2. Yes, I'm on my summer break--my last day was yesterday! How about you?

    1. Oh, cool! I'm not sure yet!:)

  3. What a great photostory! I am on summer break(I actually finished school last week).


    1. Thank you! Oh, lucky you!:)

  4. My bro and I are doing September's school in June so that we can have more free time with our baby sister who is due in August. :)