Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Summer Camp - A Photostory

Hey everyone!:) I made this photostory! Check it out-:)
The Ever After High dolls prepared for the bus that was coming by the school to take them to a camp for the summer. It was the annual summer camp and everyone at the school went for summer vacation. Cerise, Apple, Cedar, Cupid, and Briar were all running late.
"Come on! Hurry! The bus will be here in three minutes and we need to get onto the street to wait with the rest of the school!" Apple White reminded, "Does everyone have their tsums?" All of them nodded.
"PERFECT! Now let's--" 
Apple White turned to face the open door, "GO!"
A girl their age stood in the door frame, her hands on her hips. 
Cupid groaned and fell onto the couch. A feeling in her chest had been nagging at her all night telling her that they wouldn't be able to go to the camp. 
"Hello. I am Ashlynn Ella, and I'm the new student here. You may be confused, because it's the beginning of summer, but I came early to settle in and get used to the school. I am an astronomy prodigy and I am here to get a head start on the school year. I was told that I am supposed to stay in dorm 114," Ashlynn explained. 
"Oh, gosh," Apple White groaned. 
Ashlynn gazed around the room with a confident smile.
"The principal said that you all would love to stay and show me around during the summer."
Apple White turned back to her friends, "I guess that means we'll have to pass on the camp."
Apple sighed.
Cedar and Briar fell onto the couch with a groan.  
"I'm sorry that you have to miss camp, but don't worry, there are a ton of fun things to do during the summer. I enjoy looking at the stars, hiking, and gardening. And also, DIY projects. Those are very fun to do during the summer," Ashlynn replied. 
"Well then, I guess you can help us have fun here!" Apple smiled.
That's right! I got the Through the Woods Ashlynn Ella! She is so beautiful! Expect a review in a couple days!:D
Bonus Pic- 


  1. Ashlynn is so cute! I feel bad for the rest of the bunch, though. Now they can't go to camp! Oh, well, I think they'll have fun with Ashlynn ;)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, too bad! I think they will have fun together!:)