Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Great Tsum Joyride - Part 2 - And An Update

Hi everyone! I hope all of you had a fun Fourth of July!:D Anyway, here is the second part of The Great Tsum Joyride!:D
The Ever After High Dolls pushed through their dorm door.
"Who would think that the park would be closed at night!" Cerise snarled. 
Cupid looked around her as the others agreed and gasped, "Where are the tsums??" 
"OH NO!!!" Briar shrieked as she saw them turn the corner to go out of Emma'sRoomTopia. 
Apple White thought of a way of transportation immediately and a carriage popped into existence.
"Oops! I forgot something!" Apple White chuckled.
A sparkly Pegasus shimmered and appeared in front of them. 
"Okay, everyone, Cerise and I are going to go get them, you stay here and if we're not back soon..." Apple White didn't finish, but they all knew what she meant.
If they weren't back soon, then they were lost to the maze of Emma's House. 
The stakes were high as they climbed into the carriage. Only some toys dared to step outside of the doors of Emma'sRoomTopia.
"YAH!!!" Apple White yelled and the Pegasus shot off after the tsums. 
(LOL! My dog saw that I had left my room, she went after me, and got in my picture!XD Silly dog!)
The tsums were so close to leaving the safety of Emma's Room! Would the EAH dolls make it in time?! 
They were gaining on them! 
"Tsums! WAAAAAIIIT!!!!" Apple White and Cerise shrieked. Eric hit the brakes when he heard them. 
Cerise Hood scrambled out of the carriage and dived to the car.
"Oh, Winnie!" She cooed, "You're safe!" 
Cerise loaded the tsum tsums onto the bottom of the carriage floor. 
Apple White counted the tsums then, seeing that they were all in the carriage, clapped her hands to transport them back to the dorm. 
The dolls teleported to the shelf and the tsums fell from the air.  
"Ah!" Cupid cried as Pooh fell on her head. 
"I want to be mad, but can you look at this face and still be mad?" Apple White giggled.
I hope you liked it!:D Also, Update----
I'm so sad and happy all at the same time. There are seven whole stories in all. I just thought you might like to know.XD
Oh, here's a picture of my dog looking like she's laughing.;) 


  1. Cute! What breed is your dog? He/she kind of looks like mine:)

    1. She is a poodle.:) Her hair has just grown long and shaggy so she doesn't look very poodleish at the moment.;)

  2. Aww cute:) I have a black golden doodle (three quarters poodle, one quarter golden retriever.) your dog's so cute!

  3. Your dog is cute! Great photo story! I mentioned you on my blog by the were the blogger of the week!

  4. Cute story! I just got a Tsum yesterday and I'm kinda obsessed with them now...oops.
    Your dog is adorable!

  5. Could you do a review of Sophie? I'm kind of obsessed with her after seeing her in your pictures....thanks Kathryn for giving me the word obsessed in your comment! :) I just had to use it in mine! :)

  6. what is your dog's name?
    my dog's name is scooter he is a rattier