Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hiya everyone!
Today, I went on a hike with my mom and my sister up to the Hollywood sign! It was really fun, but there were a lot of bumps in the road (not literally.;D)! I brought Peyton along with me and here are the pictures of her on the hike.:)
In the car! The neighborhood we were in had all of these gorgeous houses! We kept saying-
"I want that one!" "I'd take that one!" "Ooh! Look that one is for sale!" and etcetera.;)
More riding in the car... 
Finally on the hike after the super long car drive! There was this really pretty tree that was just too nice to not take pictures of!;) 
Peyton was the first of my Barbie's to speak up and volunteer to go hike with me. I was surprised at first, Peyton is usually too prissy to go out hike, but then she explained that she would love to go to Hollywood again, where she shoots a lot of the movies she's in.;) 

Getting higher and higher... 

The cityscape was so breathtaking from the little break spots.:) 

"Can I get a caramel macchiato with three pumps of vanilla, light ice? No?" 

The clouds were so cool!:) 
Finally! After so much hard work, the Hollywood sign! See? You can see the "H" and the "O". LOL! 
Another view.;) 
Peyton's favorite part was learning about the history of the sign!:)
I hope you liked the pictures!


  1. Nice pics! That's so awesome how you went up to the HOLLYWOOD SIGN!! Also what type of Barbie is she? I love her eyes :D

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, it was really cool! Um, I don't really know what kind she is! Sorry!:(

  2. you went to hollywood?

  3. That's pretty cool! Were there many people going to see it?

    1. Thanks! There was a decent amount of people going to see it!:)

  4. When are you and Jaclynn going to finish sadies hope?