Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rules or Responsibility - A Photostory

Hi everyone!
Here's the photostory I promised a while ago!:)
Hailey continued sewing, as she had through out the whole night. Her head drooped uncomfortably and her neck ached. 
Hailey's eyes shut slowly and her head leaned against the sewing machine. 
Julie walked into the living room and spotted Hailey sleeping at the sewing machine. 
"Hailey!" Julie shouted. Hailey snapped to attention and stood up, brushing off her shorts.
"Hi, Julie," Hailey replied drowsily as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. 
"Hailey, you've been sewing all night for all of those orders you got on Etsy, haven't you?" Julie asked. Hailey nodded, her eyes shut.
"You are not sewing another stitch until you rest and have breakfast!" Julie said and steered Hailey away from the sewing machine.
"No!" Hailey cried out. 
Julie led Hailey to a chair and pushed her gently into it.
"Now, I'm gonna go get you some breakfast. Don't.........move......." Julie squinted her eyes and walked out of the room backwards, keeping her eyes locked on Hailey. 
Hailey gritted her teeth and battled with her thoughts.
To do as someone told you to or to follow on with your responsibility....? Hailey frowned. 
 Hailey jumped out of the chair and ran back to her set up.
This is more important!
Hailey typed in a new idea for a pair of pants then continued working on her current order.  
Hailey brought out a new bolt of fabric and scrutinized it. She would have to make this fabric stretch for three more orders.
"Maybe if I cut it here..." Hailey set the fabric on the table and picked up her scissors. 
"Hailey!!!" Julie stormed into the living room, her arms flailing in the air. 
"You're coming with me!!!!" Julie screamed. 
"This is for your own good!" Julie continued. 
Julie grabbed Hailey by her hand and dragged her back to the chair. 
"I'm not going to let you go back to work until the whole yogurt bowl is gone. Now get eating!" Julie commanded and left to take a phone call. 
Again, Hailey battled with the two choices, but ended up pushing the bowl to Pepper, who stared at her with his puppy eyes. Hailey bolted away while Pepper lapped up the yogurt.
Julie ran into the room, once her phone call was over, to see Pepper finishing the last of Hailey's breakfast.
"HAILEY!!!!" Julie screamed and sprinted to the living room.
"Hailey, you are in so much----" 
Julie stopped to see Hailey asleep at the sewing machine, her hair falling out of its make-shift bun.
Julie smiled at Hailey and took a step closer to her. 
Julie brought the fabric around Hailey's shoulders.
"Goodnight, Hailey." 
I hope you liked the photostory!:D