Saturday, August 15, 2015

Decoration Dilemma - A Photostory

Hey everyone! Since my main focus has been Caroline, I'm sad for my other new doll, Faybelle, who needs some attention.:)
Recently, I got to hang up my Frozen poster in my room and that inspired this post!:) Check it out!
I brought my "Bee" Happy poster into a standing position and beamed. Other than shopping, what could be better than some dorm decorating before fall semester? 
Faybelle apparently had the same idea, but I wasn't paying much attention to my Frenemy, as we called ourselves. She was the daughter of the Dark Fairy, AKA Maleficent, and because of our parent's mutual hate for each other, we also didn't get along well. 
I turned to face our dorm wall, poster putty in my hand. 
I saw Faybelle's person move, but I tried to ignore her. 
I moved closer to the wall and placed my poster when I heard the scary sound of paper crinkling and being bent in terrible ways. I looked to the right and saw Faybelle with her poster. I gazed down to the wall and saw our posters...and hers was underneath mine! 
"Oh, I was going to put my poster here..." I trailed off. Faybelle crossed her arms and tilted her head, a frown on her lips.
"Mine was here first," She snapped. 
I glanced at the dark poster underneath mine and tried to hide my grimace.
"Faybelle, no offense, but that poster is horrible. It's so dark and..." I studied the poster closer and noticed that the silhouette was of Maleficent, Faybelle's mom!
"As a princess, " I began, taking a different approach, "I declare that my poster should be in the middle of the wall, for all to see!" I smiled. 
"There's only one way to settle this then," She said.
I nodded and together we shouted, "APPLE!!!!"
We waited a few seconds, then Apple White appeared, breathing hard.
"What is so important that you couldn't wait...."Apple White stopped talking once she saw the mess of posters on the wall.
"My poster was on first! And hers is so cheesy and," Faybelle's nose scrunched up, "happy." 
"I'll fix this. Just stay quiet," Apple took a step back and put her hands out to both sides of her.
After a couple moments, Apple clapped her hands. 
I craned my neck backwards and spotted my poster behind me. I giggled. 
I noticed Faybelle's poster was on the other side of the room.
"This is so perfect!" I cried, my leg popping up behind me. 
Faybelle still had her snarky frown on her face, but I thought I could see in her eyes that she liked the new rearrangement too.
Apple White smiled and walked out of the room, seeing that her work was done. 
I smiled shyly at my Frenemy and put out my hand.
"Well, do you agree to this arrangement?"
Her hands on her hips, she looked back at her poster, then to mine.
Slowly, her hand came off of her waist and into mine. Her hand was shockingly cold and I had to force myself to not rip my hand away.
"Deal," Faybelle replied and I looked up to her face and saw a tiny smile playing on her lips. 
I hope you liked the photostory!:)
Faybelle's poster I drew from Descendants, a Disney channel movie.:) 
Briar's poster was just something I imagined up.;) 


  1. Fun! Keep up the awesome writing skills! :)

    Allie D.

  2. briar, is really pretty!
    when are you and Jaclyn going to finish sadie's hope? thanks!

  3. They say I'm trouble, they say I'm bad they... lol lovely!