Monday, August 10, 2015

Pageant of the Masters

Hi everyone!
Awhile ago, I went to the Pageant of the Masters with some of my friends and family.:)
The Pageant of the Masters is really hard to explain, it's, simply put, this thing where all of these people get their makeup done and outfits to look just like a famous painting, then they pose like the painting and sometimes they would move! It was super neat and I loved it!
I brought my vinylmation, Kringle Flurry, along and, while we were waiting for the play of sorts to begin, I got to take pictures of him! Here they are!:)
The front of the building!:) 
Once we got to our seats, I began taking pictures. My friend had to get in and make some bunny ears for poor, unsuspecting Kringle.;) 
A picture without bunny ears.;) 

We got these pamphlets and thought it would be cool to pose him infront of it!:D 
More bunny ears??? Really?XD 
The moon was really cool, not that you can see it.;P 
That's the stage right back there! They had live music underneath the stage and it sounded absolutely gorgeous! It was one of my favorite parts! It made me want to play my piano.;) 
"Shhh!!! Time for the show!"
I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I hope that my description wasn't that bad so that you got the gist of it.:)


  1. The pictures are cute, looks like you both had a good time! That does sound really cool--I think I would enjoy that. There used to be a bunch of posts on Pinterest where a lady used to do a similar kind of thing using basic items (napkins, paper towels)--in airplane restrooms! Sounds bizarre, but the lighting made them turn out really cool, they looked just like old paintings.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it was really fun!:) Oh, that's interesting!