Monday, August 31, 2015

Where's Caroline? - A Photostory

Hi everyone!
Over the past weekend, I went to Texas! It was really fun, but I am SO tired! Anyway, here is the photostory I promised!:)
Sophie sat in the living room, Grace on her lap. She absentmindedly stroked her short fur and stared off into space. 
"Sophie! Hey!" Sophie was taken away from her stupor and she looked over to Grace and Cecile.
"Have you seen Caroline? She said she was going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean with me at five, and it's  already five thirty!" Cecile explained. Grace hopped onto her leg and pawed at her expectantly. 
As soon as Cecile stopped talking, Caroline walked into the room wearing her swim suit and an over shirt. She snapped her fingers and muttered something under her breath.
"Oh, sorry, Cecile! Gosh, I totally forgot about Pirates tonight!" Caroline frowned.
"That's fine. We'll still have enough time to watch..." Cecile trailed off and she squinted her eyes. 
Cecile turned her body towards Caroline and pushed her face closer to Caroline's face.
"What's that?" Cecile asked abruptly. 
"There's something on your face!" Cecile leaned away from Caroline. 
Caroline arched her eyebrows and raised her hand to her face.
"I don't feel anything..." Caroline replied slowly while her hands danced  across her cheeks. 
Sophie stood up and took her phone to Caroline.
"Here, use the camera," Sophie suggested. 
Caroline took the phone and brought it to her face. She scrutinized the screen. 
"Oh!" Caroline laughed and looked at her friends, "Those are my sun freckles! I get them when I stay out into the sun for a long time. I'm surprised they haven't shown up yet! They will go away in the winter usually, but since it's so hot here- and sunny- they may never leave." 
Sophie and Cecile nodded and Julie jogged up to the trio.
"Hey, Jules!" Caroline grinned.
"'Sup!" Julie giggled, "Hey, you got something on your face," Julie pointed out.
"Yeah, those are my sun freckles. They appear when I'm out in the sun a lot." 
"Why, hello everyone! Caroline, what's up with your face?" Elizabeth grimaced. Caroline rolled her eyes and sighed.
"Nothing, it's just sun freckles, it's fine. But I don't like it when I have to explain this over and-"
Adam appeared behind Caroline and he opened his mouth. 
"Where did you get-"
Caroline gritted her teeth and balled her fists.
"What? I'm just gonna ask you if you know you have food on your face!" Adam frowned.
Caroline half groaned half yelled and stormed out of the room.
"Geez, you can't even ask a girl a question anymore without them screaming at you," Adam sulked.
I hope you liked the photostory! That's right! I put freckles on Caroline! I love them and had such a hard time getting them perfect!
Bonus Pic-


  1. That was really funny! Caroline looks very nice with her freckles.
    - Zoë

  2. Caroline looks awesome with freckles! And Adam is so funny xD Leave it to the boy dolls to always be thinking about food, LOL!

  3. Caroline's freckles look so cute! This was a great photostory too :)

    1. Aw, you're so sweet! Thanks!:)

  4. hey! i use't to live in Texas!!!!!!!

  5. Poor Caroline, but she has very cute freckles!