Sunday, July 19, 2015

Twilight - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!:)
Yesterday, I took some pictures at six a.m. Yeah. Okay, here are the photos- 

I hope you liked the pictures!:)
What is your favorite time to take pictures?


  1. Pretty! I especially like the 7th one:) My favorite time to take pictures is right before sunset.

  2. I like taking pictures in the afternoon best. There's good natural lighting then!

  3. I like taking pictures about mid-day, when the sun is casting the shadow from in front of your doll. I like the effect...You can see it in my Outdoor Photoshoot post!

  4. Lovely photos! My favorite time of day for photography is definitely evening.

  5. This summer I have slept in a lot so no early hours pictures for me :) Usually around 5-8 at night if it isn't raining!