Friday, September 23, 2016

Sadie's Hope - Part Six

After nearly a whole year I am posting the next part of Sadie's Hope. Since all of you know you need a refresher, here are all of the parts in order so you can read and remember what the heck has happened---
(Disclaimer: Earlier, the lady who had dragged Sadie and Amy down to the basement was played by one of Jaclynn's dolls. But now, she is played by Elizabeth. Just wanted you to know...they are the same character.:))
*lights go down*
Sadie had gone to bed directly after her conversation with Ida, and hadn't gotten up until the wiry lady jabbed her in the side with her knife-like fingers.
"Wake up, one hundred and twelve!" she hissed and pulled the covers off of Sadie. 
"Hey!" Sadie shouted and grasped for the stained blanket. Sadie had a feeling she would be hating this lady even more than before- if possible.
"Get up!" the lady howled. Sadie curled her fingers into a fist.  
"Here is a list of chores you must complete before tonight. That is, if you wish to eat." She shoved a long list at Sadie. 
"Oh, please. You keep it. I'm honored though, really," Sadie said sarcastically, pushing it away. 
The lady yanked Sadie up to her feet by her hair. Sadie cried out, biting back tears of pain. 
"It is not an option. You get to do chores, you scum."
Sadie winced at her throbbing head but said no more. She definitely knew she hated this lady. Almost as much as Mark.
Weeks had gone by, and Sadie still waited in the dirty orphanage for some way of escape, somehow managing to get dirtier than when she arrived. 
She had gotten  used to the lady who always gave her a list of chores in the morning. But the good thing was that she and Ida had become great friends, which made the orphanage tolerable now that she had someone to speak with. All she needed was an escape plan. 
"One hundred and twelve!" the lady, also known as Miss Hallowell, shouted. "Somebody is here to adopt you."
Sadie and Ida looked up from their chores. Sadie panicked. She wasn't supposed to be adopted! This would ruin everything!
"Scum, wash your face off!" Miss Hallowell demanded. 
Sadie scrubbed at her face with a rag, still panicking. She had to get back to her brother, Amy, she had-- 
 Her frantic thoughts were interrupted by Miss Hallowell as she thrust her down the stairs. Gingerly stepping downstairs, Sadie saw a lady dressed in nice clothing waiting at the desk.
"This one has been here for about a month now," Miss Hallowell said.
"Hello, what is your name?" the woman asked, her voice gentle and soft.
"Sadie. Sadie Darrel," she replied.
"Hello, Sadie, I'm Mrs. James. I want to adopt you," Mrs. James said sweetly.  
Sadie shot a glance to the door. She couldn't be adopted! She had things to do! 
"Go back to your room so that we can discuss things, Sadie," Miss Hallowell said. Sadie noticed the use of her name and felt a sense of loathing rise inside her. Of course, she was using her name now that she had someone to impress.
Sadie scrambled up to her room, forgetting about the evil Miss Hallowell. She thought about making an escape right now, but all too soon, Miss Hallowell dragged her back down the stairs.
She didn't even get to say goodbye to Ida.
"She's going to adopt you," Miss Hallowell informed. Numbly, Sadie followed Mrs. James into her sleek black car.
Mrs. James chatted all of the way to her house, but Sadie blocked her out. What about her brother? What about Amy? What about Ida?
She needed to tell Mrs. James her problems, so she opened her mouth...and spilled. 
"Mrs. James, I have a brother that is in another orphanage, and I promised him I would get him out and come back for him! Please, do you expect me to not help him and leave him in an orphanage for the rest of his life?" Sadie prayed she would reply saying what she hoped she would say. 
Mrs. James stuttered, shocked at this new development. She drove the car to the side of the street and turned it off.
She twisted in her seat after a minute and said, "Sadie, I wouldn't think about leaving him in an orphanage. Families ought to stay together."
Sadie let out a shaky breath, smiling. They were going to get her brother.
"But I really should check with my husband before we do anything. Then we'll figure it all out." Mrs. James smiled warmly and turned the car back on.

Sadie sat in silence, wondering.
What if Mr. James doesn't want my brother? What if I never see Michael again?
There were too many what ifs in Sadie's life, and she was getting tired of being out of control.
*lights go up*
LOL! I hope you liked this part! I plan to crank these parts out as quickly as I can, because I'm really eager to finish it! It's just been stretched out for WAAAY too long.;)
Now. To make myself pumpkin pancakes!
*skips off to set the griddle*


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