Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SADIE'S HOPE - PART 5 (*applause*)

Hi everyone!
I bet you are all super excited! Sorry that it took so long, you could just say I had a major case of "I just don't wanna".XD But I just got inspired and had to take pictures for the next part!:)
In case you need a refresher of last time, here was the last part- Part 4
Sadie tried to squirm out of the guard's arms but she held tightly. Amy quickly was too far away for her to see. 
The guard twirled her around and made her turn her back on Amy. They walked towards the door and she dragged her to the car.

Sadie clicked her seat belt on and stared out the window. A few drops of water hit the window as Sadie ran through her thoughts. She was being separated from her brother again, she was being taken away from the only friend she had, and she had no one to turn to. 
Sadie closed her eyes. She usually acted tough, trying to put up a nonchalant facade to hide her feelings, but in the dark car she let her emotions run free, taking the form of tears. 
Sadie sobbed in the car, wishing that her parents had never died, wishing that her life hadn't become so miserable. She let her throat ache with her emotions, until she couldn't she couldn't see through her tears. 
Her thoughts were interrupted by the guard ripping her out of her seat and pulling her to her feet.
"You're going in here," The guard said and pushed her towards the door roughly. 
For a fleeting second she thought about making a run for it, but she had given up. There was no way she could save all of her friends, and she knew it.
She willingly plodded to the front desk were a thin woman took her by her wrist and walked her to the room where one hundred other girls lived. 
"This is your new home, Number One Hundred and Twelve."
Sadie opened her mouth to say that she really did have a name and, in fact, it wasn't a number, when she realized the woman had already disappeared downstairs, leaving her in the dank room alone, yet with a hundred people right by her. 
"Not that it would've mattered," Sadie muttered bitterly.
Why'd Mark have to ruin things? Really, what did she do to him? Sadie thought.
She wanted to scream and hit something to let her fury out but with all of the other girls around, she thought better of it. 
A small, slender girl around the age of ten walked up to her and gingerly tapped Sadie's arm.
"What?" Sadie asked, turning to face her. 
"Um, hi. I'm Ida," She responded. Sadie bit her lip. This girl reminded her so much of her brother. Same blonde hair, same brown eyes, same freckles. She couldn't bare looking into those eyes anymore so she looked away. 
"Nice to meet you, but please leave me alone. I'm in no mood to talk," Sadie said sharply. Ida nodded but didn't move. 
"I said, 'please leave me alone'," Sadie repeated herself, growing more irritated. She knew that she should be more patient, but the wall guarding her emotions had broken in the car and now it was hard to build it back up again.
"I heard you the first time," Ida replied. 
"What? Do you not understand English?" Sadie hissed as she tried to keep her voice down, failing miserably. 
"No, I know English, Dummy! How else would I have been speaking to you?" Ida retorted.
"Go away!" Sadie demanded.
Ida squinted her eyes but didn't move. 
"I know how it feels, but I know that usually you really want some company, despite how much you say you don't," Ida replied.
"Thank you so much, but I really don't need you here. I just need a little alone time," Sadie insisted. 
"Okay, but I am here for you, if you need it. Remember that. I just want you to know that you can have a friend in me." Ida smiled sweetly and retreated to a small bed in the corner of the room. 
Sadie sighed.
A friend, Sadie thought, is exactly what I need.
The next part (In Amy's point of view)will be up soon on Jaclynn's blog.:)


  1. Hooray! I am SO EXCITED for Part 6!!!! XD

    1. Thanks, Clara! We're glad you are enjoying it!:D

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  3. i can't wait! :-) i LOVE sadie's hope!!


    1. You're welcome so much!:) We're glad you enjoy it so much!:D

  5. I'm so glad this part is up, it's always exciting to know what happens next!

  6. I've been waiting for this!
    Great part, though sad. :(
    I like Ida.

    1. Yeah, poor Sadie.:) Yeah, I really like her too!:D