Monday, October 5, 2015

Isabelle and Faye's Hiatus - A Photostory

I'm finally making this photostory! YES! Good for you, Emma, good for you!XD
Eden, Aurora, and Caroline were in the living room, Eden on her phone, Aurora playing with the cheery dogs, and Caroline contemplating a character in her book. 
"Hey, you two!" Hailey popped into the living room, a smile on her lips, "I was thinking I would bake something. Do you girls want to help me?" 
"Aw, sorry, Hailey. I've got to leave pretty soon. You know I would love to help though," Eden frowned up at her.
"That is fine!" Hailey assured. 
"What about you, Caroline? Are you up for baking?" Hailey turned her attention to Caroline. 
Caroline straightened up from her relaxed posture. "Yeah, sure. My mind is turning itself into mush with all of this thinking about my writing." 
"Yay!" Hailey cheered, "I'll get the oven preheated and pick out a recipe. How about you go ask Faye and Isabelle if they want to help too?"
"Okay!" Caroline agreed and walked toward Faye's room. 
Caroline knocked on the door but there was no answer. She opened the door and raised her eyebrows in surprise.
"Wow! What's up with you guys?" Caroline gasped. 
Isabelle and Faye reclined on two sofas, massive books at their sides. Air conditioning and fans blew in the room and Caroline shivered from the sudden cold.
"Why is it so cold in here?" Caroline asked. 
"Girls?" Caroline's heart skipped a beat.
Why aren't they responding? Are they OK? 
Hailey joined Caroline and grimaced. "Faye? Isabelle? Do you want to make some cookies? They're going to be double chocolate chip..." Hailey sang. 
"Okay, what abo-" Hailey began.
"....vember...." Faye whispered.
"Excuse me?" Hailey asked, her brow furrowing, "Isabelle? What's going on?" 
"We are hermitting. We are on Hiatus," Isabelle murmured blandly.
"What?" Caroline inquired, "Why is it cold then?"
"Because the colder it is, the more it feels like November! Which is when KEEPER comes out...AHhhhh!" Isabelle trailed off into a bucket of tears.
Faye choked back a sob then screamed, "KEEPER!!!" 
"OH, KEEPER!!!" Faye moaned and leaned over to the book on her side, "BABIES!!!"  
"Ugh, Faye!" Hailey scowled, "The next book is coming out in just a month, would you stop fan girling?" Hailey snapped at her sister. 
"NOTHING MATTERS!!!" Faye shouted at no one in particular as tears streamed down her face.
"FITZ!" Isabelle added with a moan. 
Hailey's eyes narrowed to slits and turned her gaze to Caroline. "They're not going to want to bake, let's just go. They'll probably be like this until the next book is released."
"Are you sure they'll be OK?" Caroline asked as she looked back at the two sad, teary faces.
Hailey shifted her gaze to the girls too and frowned, "No, but we'll just have to see...."
So, yeah, I'm really dying for the next book in the Keeper series.;) I think that Faye and Hailey are both me about how I see fan girling. I love it and hate it.;P
I am re-reading the series again to refresh my memory on how the story ends so that I'll be all caught up with it for November.:D
I hope you liked the story!:)


  1. This is such a cute photostory! As a fangirl I can totally relate :) That sounds like a good series! I'll have to check it out!

    1. Thanks!;) It's THE BEST series! It's about a girl with telepathy skills!:) You really should look it up very soon!:D

  2. Lol! This was the best. ;) I have been on Pinterest looking a Keeper fan art and trying to draw all the characters. :D

    1. Thank you!;) Oh, that's AWESOME! I would LOVE to see it on your blog! You should definitely post it when you're finished!:) I just drew a picture of Sophie last night and I'm probably gonna post it on DTW soon!:D

    2. I will post it! :D WOW YAY I was hoping you'd draw a picture of Sophie! I can't wait to see it! :)

    3. Yay! I'm so excited!:D I think it turned out pretty well! First, I tried to draw the second book's cover, but I can't do realistic drawings well, so I gave up on that then did a more cartoon-y face for her, which I think looks pretty good!:D I'll try to make the post soon!:)
      Which characters have you drawn so far?

    4. Neat! So far, I have just drawn Sophie and I am about to start on Dex. I am just drawing them all from the shoulders up in a cartoon style. :)

    5. Oh, so cool! Bodies can be pretty hard, especially hands and arms and legs and the torso and....where was I going with that?;D
      Have you gone to Shannon Messenger's blog before? She posts stuff about Keeper on there and other cool things!:D

    6. Lol! Agreed. ;) Yep, I have! It's really cool!

    7. I know! I just checked it out yesterday and am so excited for Neverseen! It's coming out so soon!!:D :D

  3. Waiting for a book to come out can be so frustrating! But I would never pass up a chance to bake ;)