Monday, October 19, 2015

A New Dorm - A Photostory

Good day, mate!;)
I got some new EAH dolls last week because they were ON SALE for $12 each!!
Keep scrolling to see who was added to my doll family!:)
Two girls walked into the dorm room, one with a frown and the other with a slight smile. 
Two other girls were already in the dorm talking to one another. They turned around when they heard the door shut. 
"Hi!" Ashlynn greeted, "I'm Ashlynn and this is Cupid-" Cupid waved, "-and we're here to greet you at your dorm."
"Why is our dorm's ceiling so low?" The girl with the black and white hair complained. 
"Well, this dorm is new and less comfortable, but look at all of this space you have! I hope you use it to your advantage!" Ashlynn smiled. 
"Why is there nothing even IN here?" She continued to grumble, "Why can't we have furniture? I am a princess!" 
"Well, I think it's nice Duchess!" The girl behind her said, "We get to decorate it and start off with a clean pallette. There is so much room and I can't wait to see what it has to offer!" She walked to the corner of her room to set down her things.
The girl was cut off with more of Duchess's complaining, "We don't even have a bed! Or chairs! Or a table! Where am I supposed to sleep? Why isn't there even a mirror? Can you not spare anything from your dorm for us?" 
"Well, we can't really do that because we need everything we have, sorry. But we'll be down the hall if you need us! Bye! Nice meeting you!" And with that, Ashlynn and Cupid left. 
"Can you believe this place, Gingerbread House?" Duchess whined once Ginger came up to her. 
"I think it'll be nice. I am going to go look around for something to use here."
"And I'm going to go see what that other dorm is keeping from us," Duchess whispered after Ginger had gone. Duchess walked out of the dorm and down the hall as instructed and knocked on the door. No one answered so she walked in. 
"Wow!" Duchess said in awe. This place had way more than their dorm! 
"Hello, I'm Briar, you must be Duchess Swan. Nice to meet you! What are you doing here?" Briar questioned.
"I'm here to find things for my dorm!" Duchess replied and stalked past her. 
"Oh, this is cute!" Duchess cooed when she saw a teddy bear slumped on the couch. She picked him up and was about to leave when Apple stopped her.
"Wait! That is ours! Find your own things!" Apple White cried. 
Duchess threw the stuffed animal back at her and snorted. "Whatever. Fine. Keep your things." 
Duchess shuffled back to her dorm feeling sad. She wouldn't have anything for her dorm.
She opened the door and stuck her head in to find Ginger on a pile of books.
"What are you doing?" Duchess questioned. 
"I found some books and thought they would make an excellent bed! And look! They do!" Ginger reclined onto the stack as she spoke. 
"Hm," Duchess lay down on the bed to test it out, "You're right! This will make a great bed for now! Thanks!"
Duchess curled up on the books and faced the wall and soon began to snore. Ginger looked out the window and spotted the sun hiding behind the mountains. It was time for bed. 
Ginger stood up and gazed at Duchess sleeping on her bed that she had worked hard to get down here. She sighed. 
Ginger folded her glasses and stooped down at the edge of her make shift bed. She clapped her hands to turn off the light and she rested her head on the floor. Soon enough, she fell asleep, ready for the adventures to begin.
Yes! I got Duchess Swan and Gingerbread House!:D They are so cute and I am so glad to have them!:)


  1. Daw! I love Duchess hehe ^_^

  2. i love ginger's glasses!! :-) they are so cute!!!!