Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Adding a Touch of Home - A Mini Photostory

Here's a little photostory of Gingerbread House adding some things to the new dorm.:)

Ginger woke up with her back aching and her side feeling like it was broken.
"Oh, look! Our trunks are here!" Ginger cried. 
Duchess sat up and looked at the trunks.
Ginger crawled to her trunk and opened it.
"Oh!" Ginger shouted. 
"My sparkly flowers!" Ginger exclaimed as she looked into the trunk. She grabbed the sheet of sticky flowers and walked to their wall. 
She stuck a pink flower onto the wall, then another and another.
"There! It's perfect if I do say so myself!" Ginger grinned. Duchess stood up and walked over to her. 
"Eh, it's okay," Duchess agreed.
"Oh, no. It's perfect!" Ginger replied, crossing her arms, and raising her chin. 
"Okay, don't get cocky," Duchess smirked and walked away.

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