Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sophie Photoshoot + Day 8

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! I took these photos on Saturday and I thought I would share them. Sophie is still in the same outfit, but I like it!;)

I edited this one to look more vintage-y!:D 


And then black and white!:) I really like these pictures and I hope you all do too!
Now for Day 8!
My earliest memory of my best friend
 Well, I know I met her at ICAP but yet I can't remember seeing her at ICAP (some school thing we did). I remember her brother playing with my rubix cube, but I don't remember her...My earliest memory that I can think of was when she came over to my house the very first time (probably when I was around 8 or 9 and I was so harsh with my stuffed animals (throwing them across the room and such) and she was so horrified of the way I treated them (which made me want to throw them even harder in spite of herXD). I also remember us talking about her hair. LOL! I also remember some random things that don't mean anything, but those were my first memories of her.:)
 We both didn't like each other very much at the beginning, I thought she was weird for liking dolls (Oh, little did I know) and being so "old" (she was probably like 10!XD) and she thought I was annoying (Oh, little did she know that I wasn't even trying. I could have been waaaay more annoying if I wanted to be! LOL!XD)


  1. I LOVE the 4th picture!! She looks so pretty! :D
    LOLOL! Oh, gosh! The memories XD I was pretty horrified that you would throw your stuffed animals around because I NEVER did such a thing LOL! My hair? Huh. I don't remember that XD
    That was fun to read! :)

    1. Thanks, Dee! Hehe! Yes, I was very violent!XD I remember we were talking about how long it would take us to shower and how you said that it took you forever because of your hair!XD

    2. Ooooh! That sounds kinda familiar now! LOL!

  2. I love the third, fourth, and last picture! :)

  3. I just read the first Keeper of the Lost Cities book and now I know why you named her Sophie! Oh my goodness, that book was wonderful. It's so cool that Sophie is a Telepath, Inflictor, AND Polyglot! Keefe and Dex are hilarious xD I loved the scene when they were in Paris and Dex robbed the ATM machine. Sophie was like, "Because that's not normal, Dex. You just robbed an ATM." Anyway, thanks for introducing me to the series! If you had never mentioned them on here I wouldn't have read them.

    Oh, and, lovely pictures! Sophie looks awesome in that outfit :)