Monday, September 7, 2015

Hit Or Miss??? + Day 7

YES! Hit or miss is back by popular demand! LOL! I just put this outfit together and I can't tell if it's a hit or a miss!

I can't tell if the colors all go together! So you all know the drill! Post down in the comments below if you think my outfit is a HIT or a MISS! I will post the results in a week!:)
But now for Day 7---
Fifteen of my favorite things---
Not in order--
1. My friends and family! They are just so awesome and I couldn't handle life without them!
2. My dog! She's such a fluffer baby!!!XD
3. Dessert! I am such a lover of food, but especially dessert! Anything with sugar, count me in!
4. Books! I love books and they are my main escape from the struggle of life!
5. Art! I love drawing and it has to be one of my favorite things in life!
6. Writing! Though I can definitely struggle, this is another one of my favorite activities!
7. Hiking! I love to get out and hike! I feel so strong and like I'm on an adventure!
8. My doll life! I love my dolls and I love my blog and I love everyone that goes to my blog! Getting comments from my followers is always amazing! I love when I get a new commenter!:D
9. Jesus! This is definitely not high enough on the list, but then again, it's not in order!XD
10. Music! I love to let go and just sing or just rock out to some loud rock music (in my room!;))!
11. Movies! Movies and TV is always such a nice relaxation for myself!:)
12. Fashion! I really love getting new clothes and it can definitely help my mood if my outfit is cute!:)
13. Photography! I am definitely not the best, but I love taking pictures of my dolls!:D
14. Acting! I love to act and take on a different person.:)
15. Trying new things! Trying new things makes me happy (along with a ton of other things)! I try to be as interesting as possible and am always looking for new things to do....unless I'm hermitting! *looks at Jaclynn*;)
I hope you enjoyed the post and don't forget to vote!



  1. Oh goodness...
    Miss FOR SURE!
    Not to be mean...

  2. hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello! I nominated you for an award on my blog:
    - Zoë

  4. I can't really decide if it's a hit or a miss.... I think I'll just say that it's a hit :)
    NOOO!! NO hermitting!! LOLOL! XD

  5. I couldn't figure out at first if I liked the outfit, but I decided that the colors don't coordinate well enough, so I saw miss.
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  6. It's definitely a miss, the colors don't go together at all. I do like the skirt with the boots, though. ;)


  7. I say a HIT! I like this outfit better than the last one. :)