Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hit or Miss Results

Hi everyone!
I know that result posts aren't the most fun, but if I offer you a dish of soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies will you be happy?
Oh, you will??
Too bad I can't get you all that... BUT what I can offer you is a fun post for tomorrow!:D
This is the outfit!
A lot of you thought that this outfit was a miss, but the vote was counted and the majority thought that this was a HIT!:) I, myself, had decided mid-way through the week that I thought it was a hit, so I'm glad that the "people" agreed with me!;)
Well, remember! Tomorrow is a fun post!:D


  1. I love result posts! Otherwise, we'd have to go count the comments ourselves!
    I voted miss on this outfit, and I still agree with that, but I think I'd like it more without the belt. :)

    1. LOL! Well, then I am glad!;) Hm, well it's sewed onto the skirt so...yeah!;)

    2. Aww it is? That's unfortunate. The belt does go well with the skirt, just not in thus situation. That's just me though.

    3. Yeah! I looked at the picture without the belt and I think that it would look better without it too! If only!;)

  2. yes!!!!!!!!!!!! i love that outfit!!