Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 14 and 15

DAY 14
Difficult Time in my Life-
Right now. LOL! I have been sort of procrastinating this question, because I didn't want to answer it.
As I have said in one of the previous days, I have anxiety over getting anxiety. I know it sounds silly, but it's a real problem for me. Over the past few days I have been having a rough time battling with worry over silly things and sadness. I think it's mostly hormones and Satan trying to rattle me, but it's still a trial in my life. I know that trials make me a better Christian and I see that it has helped my become closer to God, so it's a blessing in disguise.:)

DAY 15
Ten Favorite Foods-

1. Cheesecake
2. Donuts
3. Cupcakes
4. Cookies
5. Pastries
6. Pizza
7. Sandwiches
8. Meatballs
9. Gourmet Desserts
10. Milkshakes
11. Pancakes
12. Waffles
13. Ice Cream
14. Pineapple
15. French Fries

LOL! I love food! Especially dessert!XD

What's your favorite food?


  1. I'll pray for you!! :) My favorite food is grilled cheese! LOL!

    1. Thank you SO much, Bella! I really appreciate it. I really need it too!;)
      Ooh! Yeah, grilled cheese is great!:D