Friday, September 11, 2015

Day 10 and 11

Hello, hello!
Day 10!
An average day---

I wake up and immediately check my phone for texts and emails, then go say good morning to my family. Next, I go downstairs and have breakfast (usually eggs, oatmeal, or waffles) while I read or use my phone. After breakfast, I'll do my school and have my Bible Time. Once my work is done, I'll usually use the computer and reply to comments, check blogs, and maybe make a post. At this time, I will usually take a shower and get dressed. Usually, then I'll do a chore around the house after I've had some fun. Afterwards, I'll do some other random things like draw, write, read, check more blogs, FaceTime Jaclynn, etc., then after that I will watch a show with my mom and sister until it's time to go to bed.:)
My days vary, but this is an average day for me.;)
I was really excited to answer that! Not that I do a ton, but it's just a fun question!;)

Day 11!
Ten Top Things on my Bucket List-

Go ziplining! This sounds so much fun to me and I really want to do it!

Customize a doll into a boy doll!

Go to Germany and Paris and England!

Learn German (and other languages) fluently!

Be an animator for Disney!

Publish a book!

Be an author!

Be in a movie!

Do a Ragner race!

Do a Mud Run!

Those are only a couple things I wanna do sometime, there are a ton more that I can't think of though at the moment!;)
And here's a picture I took of Diane, one of my Barbie dolls, a little bit ago!:D
I thought I had taken two, but I guess I had deleted it!;)


  1. Fun answers, Emma! The blogging challenge sounds fun :D
    ^-^ ~j

  2. Ziplining is so fun! I love it, I wish I could go more often. I really want a customized boy doll and travel to Paris and England :)