Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Has Come - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!
Here where I live, the thermometer (ha, who uses one of those anymore? I mean weather app) reads 104 degrees. So, summer has officially gotten here.
I hate it. O.o

But I went out a couple of days ago and got some really cute pictures of Isabelle, trying a new technique out with my reflector. I haven't mastered it yet, but I definitely have a feeling it will help improve my pictures during the afternoon with a bit of practice!! :D

^ I love this picture!! Doesn't Isabelle look adorable in the skater outfit? :D ^

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Since it is so hot today, Faye is inspired to make a summer-y post. So hopefully she'll finish that in the next few days for you guys. ;) If not, I have another photoshoot of Sophie. Cuz you know Faye...she can procrastinate... XD
What's your favorite thing about the summer? I like the beach...;)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hi everyone!
A while back, I used to make occasional "What is she doing?!" posts, and I felt inspired to make another one today!!
The rules are simple, I show you a picture of my dolls doing something, and you write a caption or write what you interpret the scene to be! :D
I always love to see what kinds of funny and creative captions you give the picture! So here is this rounds photo-

So tell me in the comments below!
I will pick some of my favorites on July 2nd, so get commenting! :D
(I hope to make another post before then though. ;))


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Eating Healthy - A Photostory

Hi everyone!!
Long time no see. A little while ago I got an idea for a photostory, then yesterday- I ACTUALLY TOOK THE PICTURES FOR IT!
Yay motivation!!
So, let's get started! :D
Emerson sat at the table, a thoughtful look on her face. She wrote down a list of accomplishments she was determined to accomplish then stared at the last one.
Get fit.
Em jumped up from her chair.
"I am GOING to get fit! And start now!" she cried. She grinned, feeling good about her lack of procrastination.

"Emmy!" Saige burst into the room, wrapped in a temptingly soft blanket. "I just took the best nap of my life. You need to try this blanket. It. Is. Heaven."
Emerson eyed the blanket. "No. I-I..."

She plopped to the ground. "I am going to work out instead!"
Saige stared blankly.

Emerson's abs burned as she attempted to pull herself up.
"Um, um..." She panted for breath. "I think I'll actually just, um, stretch. Yeah."

Reaching for her feet, Emerson felt something in her back pull. She grimaced and stood up.

"You know, I think I'll just eat well today," she said, looking at Saige.
Saige blinked. "Um...okayyyy." She slowly backed away, blanket dragging behind her.

As the day progressed, Emerson's stomach growled. She scoured the kitchen for something healthy. She found a carrot.
Grimacing, she bit the carrot.

Her taste buds rejected it, and her face bunched up.
"ACK!" Everything inside her fought to not spit it out, and she finally managed to swallow it.

The taste still stuck in her mouth, Emerson scowled at the carrot, but not before Cecile bounced up to her. With a grin as large as it could be, Cecile shouted, "Jess just brought home DONUTS!!! And there are donut holes, your favorite, Em!!!"

"Oh..." Cecile whispered, eyes wide. She laughed nervously. "Never mind then..." She turned on her heel and ran out.
Grumbling, Emerson chewed on her carrot.

Four more excruciating hours passed, and Emerson felt like she was nearly ready to explode. Her mind only repeated the phrase, I need sugar. I need sugar.
Molly walked in on Emerson's desperate state, hiding something behind her back.

Emerson propped herself up, and Molly began to speak.
"You wanna see something, Em?"
"Sure," she replied. At least this would be something to do and keep her mind off of the lack of sugar in her system.

Molly brought out a tub of sugar from behind her back. Emerson's mouth watered.

"Um-" Emerson began, but was cut off when Molly unscrewed the cap on the sugar container. She brought it to her lips. Emerson watched as she swallowed nearly half the tub of sugar.

Molly dropped the container.
"Are you okay?" Emerson asked. Molly's eye twitched.
"I HEAR COLORS!!!!" She yelled.

A moment later, Molly's face twisted in pain, and she doubled over. "I'm gonna throw up."
She raced out of the room, face green.
"Wow," Emerson said.

Once the Molly issue died down, Emerson went back to being desperate and sad. Then finally, finally, a salad later, the day was over and she had successfully eaten well. Her mind spun with the fact that she still had a long way to go.

Eden walked into the room, a smile on her face.
"Congratulations on eating healthy all day, Em!" she said.
"Thanks!" Emerson replied.

Eden brought something out from behind her.
"To celebrate, I made home-made ice cream!"

Emerson fell to the ground.
Thank you for reading! I hope you liked the post! I have been in similar situations like Emerson when I am trying to eat healthy and it is soooo hard. Thankfully, I don't have a ton of sisters being all crazy. ;D
What dessert could you not live without?