Monday, August 31, 2015

Where's Caroline? - A Photostory

Hi everyone!
Over the past weekend, I went to Texas! It was really fun, but I am SO tired! Anyway, here is the photostory I promised!:)
Sophie sat in the living room, Grace on her lap. She absentmindedly stroked her short fur and stared off into space. 
"Sophie! Hey!" Sophie was taken away from her stupor and she looked over to Grace and Cecile.
"Have you seen Caroline? She said she was going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean with me at five, and it's  already five thirty!" Cecile explained. Grace hopped onto her leg and pawed at her expectantly. 
As soon as Cecile stopped talking, Caroline walked into the room wearing her swim suit and an over shirt. She snapped her fingers and muttered something under her breath.
"Oh, sorry, Cecile! Gosh, I totally forgot about Pirates tonight!" Caroline frowned.
"That's fine. We'll still have enough time to watch..." Cecile trailed off and she squinted her eyes. 
Cecile turned her body towards Caroline and pushed her face closer to Caroline's face.
"What's that?" Cecile asked abruptly. 
"There's something on your face!" Cecile leaned away from Caroline. 
Caroline arched her eyebrows and raised her hand to her face.
"I don't feel anything..." Caroline replied slowly while her hands danced  across her cheeks. 
Sophie stood up and took her phone to Caroline.
"Here, use the camera," Sophie suggested. 
Caroline took the phone and brought it to her face. She scrutinized the screen. 
"Oh!" Caroline laughed and looked at her friends, "Those are my sun freckles! I get them when I stay out into the sun for a long time. I'm surprised they haven't shown up yet! They will go away in the winter usually, but since it's so hot here- and sunny- they may never leave." 
Sophie and Cecile nodded and Julie jogged up to the trio.
"Hey, Jules!" Caroline grinned.
"'Sup!" Julie giggled, "Hey, you got something on your face," Julie pointed out.
"Yeah, those are my sun freckles. They appear when I'm out in the sun a lot." 
"Why, hello everyone! Caroline, what's up with your face?" Elizabeth grimaced. Caroline rolled her eyes and sighed.
"Nothing, it's just sun freckles, it's fine. But I don't like it when I have to explain this over and-"
Adam appeared behind Caroline and he opened his mouth. 
"Where did you get-"
Caroline gritted her teeth and balled her fists.
"What? I'm just gonna ask you if you know you have food on your face!" Adam frowned.
Caroline half groaned half yelled and stormed out of the room.
"Geez, you can't even ask a girl a question anymore without them screaming at you," Adam sulked.
I hope you liked the photostory! That's right! I put freckles on Caroline! I love them and had such a hard time getting them perfect!
Bonus Pic-

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Giveaway at Doll Diaries!

Hi everyone! Doll Diaries is having a HUGE giveaway! They are giving away MARYELLEN!!!! Hurry over to enter for a chance to win her!:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Little Bit More About Me - Caroline

Hello! This is Caroline speaking! Okay, so, Emma wanted me to make a post about myself. I said I would, so here I am! She told me to upload some pictures, that she took of me earlier, also!
Here I am! I created the outfit myself! I'm into history so much, that's why my outfit is inspired to be sort of Indian styled. Sorry if I look a little stiff in these pictures, I'm not used to being photographed, but I am trying to go with the flow. 
That's another thing about me. One of my favorite personality traits about myself is my go-with-the-flow-ness. But when it comes to writing, I'm not very go with the flow. Oh, I like writing by the way! I love writing so much, but it's not easy...not in the least. I mostly write about historical fiction, but sometimes I will branch out and write a sci-fi story or a fantasy! 
But other then my favorite inside activities, I like doing a lot of outside activities! I love surfing and going to the beach, I love travelling, I believe I've gone to....12 different states and have gone to Africa! That was such a cool experience! Very inspiring! But other then my favorite activities, here's a little more stuff about me- 
I am 13 years old, I'm an extrovert, I love tropical anything, I am allergic to cats (yeah, Jess's cat Licorice better stay far away from me), I love nature and hike occasionally, I'm up for anything adventurous (me and Cecile are going to get along great!), but I hate rollercoasters. I wish I didn't.:( 
My favorite color is blue and red, my least favorite color is pink and I try to avoid it. 
I can't sing. My voice sounds terrible.
I'm  running out of things to say about myself.
I'm mostly never at a loss of words and I like learning new words.
I'm very laid back. 
I can't tan, only burn, so it stinks being a beach lover like me.;) 
I despise math. I love history though. I'm not very good at school, despite me trying. 
And that's pretty much it. Oh! I like all types of bears, and my favorite seasons are winter and summer.
And now I'm done! I hope you liked learning about me. It was hard to think of myself and everything I love! Sometimes nothing would come to me, others EVERYTHING would come to me!
I guess Emma's gonna take it over now! See ya'round!
Wow! I've never seen Caroline get as stressed as she just was! I guess thinking of herself stresses her out. It was weird to see her stressed! Usually she is so calm!;)
Well, how you see Caroline in these pictures isn't how she is now.... Here's a sneak peek!
Expect a photostory soon!:D

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Experimenting with Lights

Hi everyone! Last night, I went into a dark room in my house and the lights from outside were cutting through the blinds and I decided to try taking pictures! Here they are!
Caroline was my model.:) 
An edit, which one do you like more?:) 

Her curls! 

Another edit.:)
Next time, I'm going to try to reflect some of the light from outside on her face with some tin foil.:) I was sort of in a hurry when I took these photos so I didn't have enough time to experiment more.:)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hit or Miss?

Hi everyone! Awhile ago, on my old blog, I did this thing called Hit or Miss! It was where I came up with an outfit I wasn't positive looked good or bad then I would take a picture, post it, and ask all of you if you thought it was a Hit (It looked good) or a Miss (it didn't look good).
Here's the new outfit!

The first one I did on my previous blog included the same shirt!;)
So what is it? Hit or miss? Comment below!

Giveaway At Kaitlyn's Blog!

Hey everyone! Here's a quick post  about this awesome giveaway at Americangirlplace1234! She's giving away an outfit she made and it's SOOO cute! Go check it out!:)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Decoration Dilemma - A Photostory

Hey everyone! Since my main focus has been Caroline, I'm sad for my other new doll, Faybelle, who needs some attention.:)
Recently, I got to hang up my Frozen poster in my room and that inspired this post!:) Check it out!
I brought my "Bee" Happy poster into a standing position and beamed. Other than shopping, what could be better than some dorm decorating before fall semester? 
Faybelle apparently had the same idea, but I wasn't paying much attention to my Frenemy, as we called ourselves. She was the daughter of the Dark Fairy, AKA Maleficent, and because of our parent's mutual hate for each other, we also didn't get along well. 
I turned to face our dorm wall, poster putty in my hand. 
I saw Faybelle's person move, but I tried to ignore her. 
I moved closer to the wall and placed my poster when I heard the scary sound of paper crinkling and being bent in terrible ways. I looked to the right and saw Faybelle with her poster. I gazed down to the wall and saw our posters...and hers was underneath mine! 
"Oh, I was going to put my poster here..." I trailed off. Faybelle crossed her arms and tilted her head, a frown on her lips.
"Mine was here first," She snapped. 
I glanced at the dark poster underneath mine and tried to hide my grimace.
"Faybelle, no offense, but that poster is horrible. It's so dark and..." I studied the poster closer and noticed that the silhouette was of Maleficent, Faybelle's mom!
"As a princess, " I began, taking a different approach, "I declare that my poster should be in the middle of the wall, for all to see!" I smiled. 
"There's only one way to settle this then," She said.
I nodded and together we shouted, "APPLE!!!!"
We waited a few seconds, then Apple White appeared, breathing hard.
"What is so important that you couldn't wait...."Apple White stopped talking once she saw the mess of posters on the wall.
"My poster was on first! And hers is so cheesy and," Faybelle's nose scrunched up, "happy." 
"I'll fix this. Just stay quiet," Apple took a step back and put her hands out to both sides of her.
After a couple moments, Apple clapped her hands. 
I craned my neck backwards and spotted my poster behind me. I giggled. 
I noticed Faybelle's poster was on the other side of the room.
"This is so perfect!" I cried, my leg popping up behind me. 
Faybelle still had her snarky frown on her face, but I thought I could see in her eyes that she liked the new rearrangement too.
Apple White smiled and walked out of the room, seeing that her work was done. 
I smiled shyly at my Frenemy and put out my hand.
"Well, do you agree to this arrangement?"
Her hands on her hips, she looked back at her poster, then to mine.
Slowly, her hand came off of her waist and into mine. Her hand was shockingly cold and I had to force myself to not rip my hand away.
"Deal," Faybelle replied and I looked up to her face and saw a tiny smile playing on her lips. 
I hope you liked the photostory!:)
Faybelle's poster I drew from Descendants, a Disney channel movie.:) 
Briar's poster was just something I imagined up.;) 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Golden - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone! I took these pictures of Caroline on the day I got her. She's not a really fancy person, but she looks so gorgeous in this dress, I couldn't resist.;)



This was the first time I've used a reflector. I don't have a real reflector, but I used tin foil! It worked really well, but it was a little difficult to manage it.;)
I'm really excited to use it more often for better photos!:D