Saturday, July 30, 2016

Just Some Updates (YAY)

Hi everyone!
I thought it would be good to update you guys on some things.;) But there's pictures so it won't be boring.;D
(My brother took this picture last year.:D)
Update #1
I will be continuing Sadie's Hope on my blog, until the finale, which will be on Jaclynn's blog. We're really sorry for keeping you all waiting SO insanely long. Really, we're so sorry.
Update #2
I just updated my Meet My Dolls page! It now has ALL of my dolls on it!
(It took forever.XD)
Update #3
TAUT will be continued in late 2016 or early 2017 unless I decide to do it earlier. Yes, it's gonna be a long wait.;D
Update #4
The doll who won the poll for "Favorite Personality" was Faye with Isabelle in second place! She was very excited.;) Thank you all for voting!
Update #5
I will be trying my hand with the schedule of posting every other day.:) I think it's manageable for me, and having a schedule like that is something I like.:D
So, I hope you all feel filled in on the latest Wacka (that's something I call my blog a lot.XD) news!:D My new schedule for posting will start tomorrow, so stay tuned for a post!:D

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

TAUT - Through Fire - Finale

Hi everyone!:D
I'm so excited to make this post! It's the finale of TAUT - Through Fire! SO EXCITING!:D It's also sort of sad, but I'm excited to finish it as well, so I can focus on finishing Sadie's Hope.:)
Remember that?;D
Okay, now...for the finale...
Dmitri sprang out of her bed. Her ears were deaf with the sound of the sirens, and her burns ached, but she somehow ran down the hallway to the meeting room.
"What's going on, you guys?" Dmitri asked.
"Somebody broke out of the organization," Logan said.
"Who?" Dmitri glanced uneasily at the workers and guards running around.
"I don't know. It wasn't anybody that was supposed to be here though. They say that somebody broke in when we were gone on our mission and disarmed the alarms before anybody noticed," Chris replied.  
Dmitri's eyes widened. "How did they know our passwords? I didn't know anyone knew them!" Logan and Chris shared a confused look. 
"Get back inside your rooms!" Sara yelled, her voice booming. She pushed them back to their quarters. 
Chris managed to slip into Dmitri's room and shut the door softly behind her.
"Why are they putting us into our rooms?" Dmitri asked.
The lock snapped shut from the other side. The girls twisted to face the newly locked door. 
"They locked us in!" Chris shouted and pulled at the knob. "How dare they?"
Dmitri snatched a stray bobby pin and went to work at the lock. 
After a long moment,  Dmitri flung the bobby pin across the room.
"The stupid lock is too advanced for a bobby pin," Dmitri said and flopped onto her bed in exasperation.
Chris pursed her lips, her anger diminishing as she thought.
"Who do you think broke in?" she asked and sat on the bed.
"I have no idea," Dmitri muttered. She and Chris waited on the bed in silence, each pondering who it could have been. The lock clicked, and Sara walked in looking upset. 
"We were too late. We only saw a flash of her red hair, then she was gone," Sara said. 
Dmitri rolled off the bed.
"What-but... How?" she cried. 
"We don't know if she'll ever come back, but if she does... we'll be ready."
*evil laugh*
I'll just leave you with that...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls' Blog Favorites of July 2016

Hi everyone!
I am starting something new! At the end of every month I will be making a post including some of my favorite doll blog posts of that month.:D So, here are my July favorites!
(Disclaimer: None of these pictures belong to me, each one belongs to the blog mentioned.:))
I absolutely loved this post's pictures, Addy looked so beautiful! As always, Herstory AG made an amazing post- she had to be included in this month's favorites!:D
This post was so cute, and I could definitely relate to Ava's anticipation for her camera. Plus, the pictures were so pretty! Clara, you've gotten SO good lately with your pictures!!:D
When I saw this post, I was so excited to see the pictures. The doll's were in the pool! It was such a cool photoshoot, and I loved seeing what these dollies were up to!:D
Gah, I LOVED these pictures! I knew this post had to be included when I saw it. Caroline looked absolutely beautiful! She looked like some sort of angel or modern princess.:D
Of course, I had to include Jaclynn's amazing photostory series, Masquerade! If you haven't read it, you need to. I demand you.XD It's so interesting and Maryellen looks so pretty in the pictures!:D
So, those were my favorites of July 2016! You really should go look at those posts/blogs if you haven't yet.:)
I'm really excited to be doing this, I know how excited I get to read these things and see if they include anything of mine in them, so I thought everyone else would be, too!;D
What is your favorite post you've read this month?:)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Truth About Being a Doll Blogger

Hi everyone!
I thought it would be really fun to make a post about what it's like to be a blogger, what I hope a lot of my fellow bloggers can relate to.;) I'm going to be inserting pictures of my dolls so that non-bloggers can enjoy this post, too.;D
You can never go anywhere special without bringing something, a doll or a toy, to photograph.
For some, you can't go anywhere at all without a trusty toy in your bag. I am usually like that.;) I went to a house that my oldest sister was house sitting to spend the night, and I made sure I brought a couple of tsums in case their house had a good photographing place.;)

You can never look at anything the same way.
Wow, that's a really pretty tree you just passed, with the sun coming through the leaves, I bet that tree is perfect for bokeh... MOM! PULL OVER! I need to get a picture with bokeh!XD
You get used to your dolls falling.
And even sometimes, they fall into the best pose, and you get the picture that made getting outside even worth it!
Getting up at 5 am to experiment with the sun doesn't seem as crazy as it would have before you started blogging.
I've always wanted to do this, and I have taken pictures really early in the morning, but not as early as I would have liked.;D
You never knew it was possible to want to meet someone who lives on the other side of the country as much as you do now.
I'm looking at all of my blogger friends!;D
Your mind literally never stops trying to think of new blog post ideas.
"How can I engage my readers? Would everyone like a post like this? What post of mine has the most views and comments and why is it most liked? What has no one done before? How can I change this current event in my life into a photostory?"
It's really quite exhausting.XD
Commenting every day all day becomes your new norm.
You also learn how to be positive and look for the best of a post.:D
It's awkward to take pictures out in public of your dolls.
Although I've gotten used to this, it's still weird being a fifteen year old taking pics of my dolls. I just try to stay totally and utterly into my photography, so I don't make eye contact or anything.XD
I hope you all liked this post, it was fun to write! Do you agree with any of these? Do you have any other ones to add?:)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

TAUT - Through Fire - Part Five

Hi everyone!
I'm really excited for this part, it has a really fun cliff hanger. You thought once they got back to HQ everything would be fine.
How wrong you were.XD
The rope ladder tumbled down from the helicopter.
"Come on!" Dmitri shouted. The trio crawled up the ladder to Sara and Natalie.
"You're safe!" Sara exclaimed and gave them each a quick scan for serious injuries. "You have no idea!" She sighed, continuing to babble as she handed them over to Natalie, TAUT's doctor. 
"My, my, you're crispy!" Natalie mumbled and dabbed some ointment onto Dmitri's wrist. Now that they were out of the fire and out of danger, they could finally see their burns. 
"Oh." Dmitri pulled away and grabbed her backpack. She showed them the bottle with the mysterious goo. "We hid in a cave that had this stuff covering it, and it wasn't catching fire. I think your scientists could make more and stop the fire." Dmitri paused, trying to remember what else she had to say. "Right. And that other spray is toxic to humans." 
Sara took the bottle.
"Wonderful! We will get this to the lab immediately," Sara replied and put the bottle away. "Now. We need to get you home, you've had a dangerous mission and need rest." Sara sat down, starting to text on her phone. 
Dmitri went over to Chris and laughed.
"Your eyebrows are completely singed!" 
"Yours are, too!" Chris replied. Dmitri stopped laughing, her hand flying to her brows.
"We must look like freaks!" she chuckled. Chris nodded.
"I can't believe we almost died. If it weren't for you, Logan, we would have. Thank you." 
Logan smiled, shrugging.
"No problem, I couldn't let you guys die."
Dmitri knew he was addressing both of them, yet she felt as if he were talking directly to Chris. She smiled and shook her head.
As soon as the helicopter landed, Dmitri, Chris, and Logan were taken to their rooms.
Dmitri winced as Natalie put a thick salve on her blistered legs.
"Sorry, but you were somewhat eaten by those flames. You're lucky you survived!" Natalie replied. 
Dmitri fought to sit up and look at her legs.
"Sleep now, Dmitri. Your mission is over, it was a success. As we speak, our scientists work to reproduce that paste."
Her words made Dmitri calm down, knowing that her mission wasn't failed, but just was a different sort of success. Natalie departed. 
Dmitri snuggled into her covers, quickly falling asleep.
Dmitri shot up straight in her be, her heart hammering in her chest at the sudden noise. Alarms never rand here unless-
"No! That's crazy!" she told herself, but the speaker confirmed her fears. 
CLIFF HANGER!!XD I hope you liked this part, I think the next part is the finale... Oh my gosh, it is! I can't wait!:D

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Great Tsum Tsum Disappearance - Part One

Hi everyone!:)
How's your day going? Or night, since it's nearing eight o' clock.XD I have a fun mini photostory series planned for y'all, it's only two parts.;D I hope you guys like it!

Dull rays of sunshine streamed into the Ever After High dorm. All of the girls in this dorm were out to the beach, but the tsums didn't care. The lazy tsums loved staying home and napping on the new fuzzy rugs the girls had added to the floor. 
Everyone except Pooh, who had a sudden longing for adventure this afternoon. He knew his friends wouldn't want to do anything today, but he had to try to get them riled up. 
Finally, Pooh hopped down from the couch and dragged the tsums into a group by their rugs. He huffed and puffed at the labor. 
At last they were all together. Pooh lunged onto the couch's arm rest and wiggled his butt testily, getting ready for the next step of his plan. He braced himself into a ball and jumped-
-AND KA-BLAM! Pooh landed in the middle of them and they went flying around him, suddenly awoken from their naps. 
Stitch sniffled and vibrated, his way of asking "Why did you wake us up?".
Pooh licked his nose, snuffling back a reply. "I'm here to get you all to go on an adventure with me!" The tsums shook their head, and Bullseye snorted.
"Oh bother, just hear me out," Pooh snuffled and gathered his courage and words to come up with an inspiring speech. 
He took a step forward. "We spend our little tsum tsum lives in this dorm, sleeping away the time. We only see this dorm, when there is really so much beyond!" The tsums shuffled around. "So many unexplored dolls live below us, we have the opportunity to see them and yet we stay here, napping! We need to take advantage of the present!" 
The tsums started to snuffle agreement. Pooh could feel the invigorating qualities of his speech inspiring his fellow tsums, as well as himself. He took another step forward and raised his snuffles.
"We could do so much, be so much. Who is with me-" His snuffles were cut short as he took another step- straight off of the shelf. 
A blur of orange and red was the only thing the other tsums could see as he plummeted to the ground...into unknown territory.
The tsums rapidly shuffled to the edge of the shelf and stared at the ground in horror, their eyes as wide as saucers.
Shuddering, Obi-Wan snuffled, "He's nowhere to be seen."
Cliff hanger!XD
I hope you liked this part, the next part will be longer.;) Come back soon to find out what happened to Pooh!:D
P.S. In case any of you went to me and my sister's blog, Uniquely You, and are wondering what in the world happened to it, don't worry! We changed the URL and to go to our renamed blog you can go follow this link- LINKEDY LINK LINK