Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Faye's Top Five Things She Has to Buy

Hi everyone!
I guess Faye will take it from here...
'Sup everyone! Faye here! So, get this. Emma said that my last post was so popular that she was going to let me do a series of posts! EEK! I was dying, but I had enough of my wits to tell her something very important.
I told her she was losing her touch.
(I was the one who told you to make a post in the first place, Faye. I haven't lost my touch if I can-)
I told her something else.
I told her that the Age of Emma was over.
The Age of Faye has just begun.
(Faye. You are not taking over my blog-)
I have a series on here and I have a few more ideas of the next couple of episodes. I am so excited! This episode is about my top five things I have to buy IMMEDIATELY! I have decided that "five" will be my signature number! YAY! 
A lightsaber. A real, legitimate lightsaber that can cut through anything in all of the galaxy.
Buuuuttt...Unfortunately, those don't exist...or they haven't been found yet. We Star Warsians know the Jedi exist, so their lightsabers must, too.
I'll settle for one of the awesome, legit-looking ones you can buy online. I totally want a green one.
Oh, you're wondering why I have a baking tool as a lightsaber?
*making lightsaber noises*
*swiping my make-shift lightsaber around*
Back to the post!
The Darth Maul Infinity Figure. I have been wanting him forever, but whenever me and Hailey go to Best Buy, she says I can't buy him because he looks evil.
Any book from Mary Amato! She's one of my new favorite authors! I have read Guitar Notes and now Get Happy, and I need to read more of her books, if she has more! I read Get Happy in, like, four hours, and I cried. I'm still recovering. I read Guitar Notes in a day, and it's one of my favorite books! IT'S SO SAD!!! 
A phone. I don't have a phone yet. I have to SHARE one with Hailey, which is really more like sharing with...
something that can't share...
You may be wondering why I don't have anything to show for this item. 
It's 'cuz I don't have a phone.
Look at my hands.
No phone.
I think it's because Emma can't find a phone plan that will allow, like, sixteen kids to have phones. Emma, you really dropped the ball there.
I don't need your excuses!!!
A Loki ring. Oh, you don't seem to know what a Loki ring looks like??? 
IT LOOKS LIKE THIS! AND I NEEDS IT! If you wanna buy it, here's the link!
Those are my top five things I have to buy! Not including a Jedi Robe and an Ahsoka Tano costume, but anywhoo... 
In the words of Master Yoda...
Do...or do not...there is no try.
Not that that has to do with anything right now...I just thought it sounded cool.
SEE YOU ALL LATER!! Because...this is a series. Isn't that right, Emma?
(I'm starting to regret it...)
Stay obsessed, kids!
I hope you enjoyed this post, even though Faye is telling me you guys will, it's hard to tell...
(I am taking over this blog.)
No, you're not.
(Surreeee....keep telling yourself that.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Princess Sophie - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!
Jaclynn came over a few days ago and we got to play, something we don't always get to do. We played that the prince of a country was going to go undercover as a spy to find information about the other kingdom's plans of attack, since the countries are at war.;) He went with another spy, who turned out to be working for the other kingdom! PLOT TWIST!O0O XD LOL! It was really fun, but we didn't get to finish it. We ended right as this ball was going to start. Like usual, we lost our steam. That seems to happen way more as we get older.;P
But Sophie was the other spy, and she was all dressed for the ball, so I thought that I would take pictures of her in her dress. She looks so pretty.:)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of Sophie.:)
I am dying to get the next part of TAUT up, but yet AGAIN I am unable to find a time where I can go to the park! I feel terrible.:( I really want to get this part done, because then I'll be able to do the other parts all from home! YAY! So I'll be sure to post a part at least once a week to make up for the huge times in between.;)
Do you find it harder to play with your dolls as you get older? Why do you think that is? I think it's because we don't have the reckless creativity we had when we're little kids.XD Gosh, I miss it.;) I'm way too much of a perfectionist when it comes to making up stories nowadays. It's the writer in me.;)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Who Wore It Better Results

Hi everyone!
The results are in! (LATE!XD)
But they are in nonetheless.
Between Emerson and Saige, the winner of Who Wore It Better is....
Thank you everyone who voted!:)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Fort of Mystery - A Photostory

Hi everyone!
I made this photostory a little bit ago, but never got around to typing it up. In exchange for the next part of "Masquerade" to be posted, I told Jaclynn I would post this photostory.;) So, here it is. It's in the POV of Molly.:)

I walked into the living room, humming a song that was stuck in my head. Today was the first day of summer vacation, and I planned to live it up. Starting by eating all of the ice cream in the freezer. 
I twirled around and gasped. A huge fort stood in front of me with a red blanket over it. 
Jess walked in from grocery shopping and her face turned pale. Her mouth agape, she continued to stare at it, unmoving. 
Finally coming out of her shock, she shook her head, threw her hands up, and stormed out of the house.
"I'm out of here!" she shouted, and I heard the car's ignition firing up. I felt badly for her, I remembered that she had just cleaned up the living room. 
I turned back to the fort and pushed aside my sympathy. This thing was so cool. I had to get inside. 
I reached out my hand, ready to throw back the red blanket and see who was in it. My fingers almost touched the fluffy fabric when I heard an ear-shattering scream. 
"DON'T TOUCH IT!" Adam threw himself on top of the fort and I reeled away, scared out of my mind. I gasped for breath, and I gazed into his wild, blue eyes. 
"Adam!" Sloan popped into view as well, and I started to feel odd.
Why were my siblings popping up like this? I asked myself.
"SHE WAS GOING TO TOUCH THE PRECIOUS!" Adam screeched, and I held myself back from covering my ears.
"It seems that you made a fort," I said and hoped they would stop yelling. 
Rebuked, Adam stared out to the distance.
"Yep. It's Adam's though. He invited me in," Sloan told me. I nodded my head, my eyes wandering back to Adam. He was so weird.
"It's really cool inside," she added. 
"Can I come in?" I asked. 
Adam exploded.
"YOU ARE NOT WORTHY!" he snapped. Sloan sighed, shaking her head. 
I stepped up against the wall behind me. 
"You are not worthy! You are not worthy!" he chanted and threw his hands into the air. 
"How could she be worthy?" Sloan asked.
"BY COUNTING ALL OF THE HAIRS ON HER HEAD!" He slammed his hands onto the fort, and I jumped.
Sloan's glare made him whimper.
"Fine..." He trailed off, trying to find the perfect thing to say that would qualify me worthy.
"" Small, terrifying chuckles escaped from his lips and he smirked.
He was so weird.
"Eat a whole bowl of salad, then return," he declared. 
I gasped, reeling back.
"Not salad!" I whispered. 
"Adam has made his decision. Now go!" Sloan cried in a dramatic voice, giggling a little bit at herself. I slunk away. 
I prepared a salad and gagged. Salad was so nasty. It was the absolute WORST. Continuing to gag, I picked up one of the leaves. 
I held it up, grimacing.
"I must see what's in the Fort of Mystery," I murmured and mustered my courage. I stuffed the leaf into my mouth, and my face immediately turned green. The earthy taste stuck to my tongue. I fought back the urge to throw up.
I forced down the rest of the salad, each leaf wanting to bring up my previous meal. At last, I was done and stood up. 
I went to the living room but froze upon entering.
"WHAT?" I screamed. 
"What's going on?" I yelled and flailed my arms.
The fort was GONE
"Sorry, Molly. Jess came back and demanded we took all of this down. I told Adam to go tell you you didn't need to eat salad anymore," Sloan explained and glared at Adam. He shrugged, a small evil smile at the corner of his lips. 
Anger flashed through my eyes and I opened my mouth, about to scream at Adam, when a churning in my stomach started. I clutched my stomach and doubled over.
The salad wasn't over with.
Unable to yell at Adam, I ran to the bathroom, but I could still hear Adam's little chuckles. I would get him back later.
I hope you liked the story! I might continue it and make Molly get back at Adam for her salad accident.XD Wouldn't that be fun?XD

Monday, June 20, 2016

The First Day of Summer!

Happy summer, everyone!
The first day of summer is coming to a close, but I definitely had a super fun "First Day of Summer"!:D I went to the beach, since it was like the hottest day ever.XD Besides having some awkward sunburns on my hands and legs, it was really fun! I got to read a bit in my new book (one of them, at least- UNWANTEDS EVERYONE), play in the ocean, and take pictures of Leah!
Here are the pictures I took!:D Leah had as much fun as I did.;)

Sorry that sometimes the pictures are a bit dark, it's either direct sunlight or total shadows.XD
I hope you liked the pictures! Did you do anything for the first day of summer?:)