Sunday, March 26, 2017

5 Costumes I Need AG to Make + Update

Hi everyone! :D
Today I was thinking how I really badly wanted a costume for my dolls, and after a few seconds, I realized how many costumes I want!
There are a few characters that have tons of great, high quality costumes for American Girl dolls on Etsy (for example- Elsa, Rey, and most Disney princesses), but not all of the characters we love can we dress our dolls up as. And I know there is this thing called copyrights and it's not AG's brand to make cosplay costumes for dolls, and that's why they haven't made costumes like this, but MAN I WANT SOME EPIC AMAZING COSTUMES FOR MY DOLLS, MKAY?? XD
Here are just five costumes I desperately want for my American Girls! :)

 1. Merlin
The costume idea that sparked this whole post was Merlin, the BBC TV show version! :D Here is Eden cosplaying as him, since she doesn't have an actual costume, this was the best she could do. ;)
(picture is NOT mine, original website- LINKEDY LINK LINK)  
But I have a new crazy obsession over Merlin and the TV show, so of course this would have to show up. ^_^

(Picture is NOT mine, original website- LINKEDY LINK LINK)
2. Ahsoka Tano
It's sort of a known fact that I'm in love with Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars. XD So, obviously I will want an amazing costume for my dolls of her! LOL!
I would want her second Clone Wars costume, but in case you guys would want her adult costume in Star Wars Rebels, check out Jaclynn's amazing new costume--

3. Loki 
 This costume is more for Faye than anyone else. When she heard I was doing this post, she told me she would cosplay as Loki, and that I had to add him to my list, soooo...I did. XD
(Picture is NOT mine. Found on Pinterest, I don't know who the owner is.)
4. Live-Action Cinderella 
I NEED an amazing Cinderella dress with layers upon layers of tulle and epic swirliness. O.O
(Picture is NOT mine. Found on Pinterest, once again don't know who the owner is.)
Seriously. Who wouldn't want their doll to have an amazing dress like that? 

5. Kylo Ren
The only Star Wars character I might love more than Ahsoka, is Kylo Ren, so it shouldn't surprise you that he is on the list. XD I don't even care that he is a male character, I gotsta get me a costume for my dolls of him.
(Picture is NOT mine. Original website- LINKEDY LINK LINK)
 I want a costume for myself in all honesty. O.O
What costumes would you guys want for YOUR dolls? Any ones that you would add to this list? :)

If you can't tell, I've been a bit out of my blogging game on here, and it's partly that I'm busy and partly because until this post idea, I had absolutely NO desire to make a post. I might just be going through a phase, but I've been through phases before and yet this feels different.
I'm not going to be sticking to a posting schedule for the time being and will be posting only whenever I feel like it. :) I don't have any plans to leave this blog or the blogosphere yet, and be sure that if I ever do, I would tell you all and keep my blog up. :)
That is all. Thank you. XD

Friday, March 3, 2017

Ideas to Rekindle Your Doll Love

Hi everyone! :D
*waves frantically*
Yay. XD
So, I hope you enjoy the post. :)
I know that as you get older, it's harder to feel all the warm fuzzies you used to towards your doll. But I have some ideas and tips to help you guys feel that same way like when you were younger. :)
1. Get them all dressed in new clothing!
I know once I take some time to get my dolls in new outfits and new hairstyles, I feel really accomplished and really good. :)
2. Make your dolls something!
Whether it's a new outfit or craft, giving your doll something new is really fun, as well as a nice way to show your dolls some love. ;)
3. Take some time to do the things you used to do with them!
Yes! Even if that's playing, try it out again. And I know how hard that is, but do it. If you have to plan out a whole story and stuff, do whatever you gotta do! :)

4. Give your dolls a photoshoot!
This is really fun and a great way to remember just how pretty your dolls are!
5. Read some of your old doll blog posts!
I don't know about you, but every time I go back and read old posts and see all of the things I did and how much I love playing with my dolls, it gives me a desire to emulate that again! :D

6. Take them on a trip with you!
Have any plans to go somewhere? Bringing a doll along to photograph and hang out with is a good idea! :) I think I'm going to be doing this when I go camping soon!
7. Buy a new doll/toy!
This has to be the most fun way to get "back into" dolls! ;D The adoration and slight obsession over the new doll is an easy way to fall back into love with your dolls.
8. Go onto American Girl's website and make a wish list!
I take back what I said earlier, maybe this is the most fun way to find some more doll-y love! Make it as long or short as you want, but being reminded of how many cool things you could get is fun. ;)
9. Stalk other doll blogger's blogs!
Do I need to explain myself for this one? Seeing other people obsess and love their dolls = more inspiration to love your dolls like that.
I hope some of these ideas help you! :) And I'm super excited for the next post I have planned on here. I think it'll be helpful to my blogger viewers! :D
What do you love to do with your dolls? (Example: photoshoots, playing, sewing things for them, etc)