Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Hi everyone!
I have never had any sewing lessons and I barely practice sewing, but today I was inspired by the fantastic blog, Journal of Two Dolls (If you don't go to their blog already, you really should, they have awesome posts!:)) to try my hand at some pants!:)
Here they are!
I'm actually shocked I could even make this good of pants, I thought that I wouldn't even be able to make anything at all.;) 
They are green pants with little leaves and flowers as the pattern.:) The pants took me a couple hours to make, since I don't know how to run a sewing machine yet (but I really hope to learn!) and that meant I had to hand stitch everything.;) 
The pants are a little low for comfort and I had a hard time finding a shirt that would cover her body.:) Maybe I should make a shirt next that will fit!;)
I really like them and hope that the stitching will be strong enough to last for a while.:) 
I can tell Sophie isn't that big of a fan (they really are too flashy to be her style) but I know she is too nice to say that.;)
So how do you like the pants?:) I really am happy that they aren't a disaster, even if they do have a droopy butt!;P
Do you have any sewing tips that you would like to share with me?:)

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Eden's Photoshoot

Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a week! I guess I just wasn't in the doll-y blogging mood!;) But I have a photoshoot for y'all today!
I haven't used Eden in a lot of pictures recently, so I decided to remedy that!

I really love this picture!:D 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!:D I didn't get to take as many as I had planned, but I hope you like them anyway!:D
Oh! Recently, I am posting more often on my blog DRAWN TO WRITING where you can see my drawings and some stories, so go check it out!:D

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An Introvert's Adventure - A Photoshoot

 Fun post coming as promised! I have photostory pictures that need to be uploaded to the computer, but I have yet to do that yet, so here's a photoshoot!XD
The photoshoot is starring Josefina, my doll's good friend that lives next door.:) She is moving soon, she says this year, but it might be early next year, and I wanted to take some pictures of her before she left. Josefina is an introvert, which means she's quiet and usually keeps to herself most of the time, so this was an adventure for her to be photographed!;)

I think this picture is really cute!:D But how her earring is, is really bugging me! *eye twitch*;) 

I'm a big fan of taking pictures of something through something. LOL! I feel like they have different layers of depth.;) 
I like this picture a lot, she seems like she's running away from something!;) 
That's all the pictures I took of Josefina! I hope you enjoyed.:) She got dressed up and I think she looks really cute!:D
Bonus Pictures---
I've been getting into photographing nature more and I really like how some of my pictures have turned out! Here are some I took while I was out in my yard!:) 
I saw this interesting dead stick attached to our flowers and thought I'd try to take a picture of it.;)
I really like this picture! We have a lot of weeds in our yard, which I personally like (I feel like they add color to the dirt, call me crazy!;P) and these fluffy dandelions caught my attention.:)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hit or Miss Results

Hi everyone!
I know that result posts aren't the most fun, but if I offer you a dish of soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies will you be happy?
Oh, you will??
Too bad I can't get you all that... BUT what I can offer you is a fun post for tomorrow!:D
This is the outfit!
A lot of you thought that this outfit was a miss, but the vote was counted and the majority thought that this was a HIT!:) I, myself, had decided mid-way through the week that I thought it was a hit, so I'm glad that the "people" agreed with me!;)
Well, remember! Tomorrow is a fun post!:D

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Historical Beauty - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't been posting for a while. I decided I am going to stop doing the blogging challenge, it just wasn't very fun anymore and why do it if you're not having fun?:)
Anyway, I have a photoshoot featuring Elizabeth for you all that I took a while ago!:D

Sun rays!:) 

I think that Elizabeth looks so pretty in Caroline's meet dress!:D
I really like these pictures even though some have funky lighting with the sunset.;)