Friday, December 23, 2016

A Christmas Misunderstanding - A Photostory

I cannot believe that it's Christmas Eve Eve. I'm mentally still stuck in November, maybe October, possibly even September... O.O
But anyway, I'm sorry I never posted last week, things got in the way- tis the season. XD

Isabelle and Cecile sat around the living room, talking and chatting about whatever crossed their minds. Christmas was only a couple days away, and it was rumored they were supposed to decorate soon. 
Molly trotted into the living room, a smile on her lips.
"Guess what, guys?" she asked in a sing songy voice.
"I just heard Emma saying that she got us a new tree this year! I wonder what it's gonna be," Molly exclaimed, walking closer. 
"Cool!" the girls cried. "I wonder if it'll be green!"
"I wonder if it'll have colored lights?"
They continued to talk about the possibilities, until Emma came by and dropped a plastic bag in the room. She left without a word, because she was on the phone FaceTiming Jaclynn. 
The girls stared at the bag, the moment stretching out. Finally, Molly leaped into action and tore at the bag. 
She pulled down the bag, snatched the tree and set it in the middle of the room. 
They stared at it, unmoving. 
"It's white," Cecile murmured.
"It's already decorated," Isabelle said. 
"It's plastic!" Molly shouted. An air of distain and disappointment settled in the air as they looked at the tree. 
"What is that?" Nikki asked, coming into the room. Molly explained the situation and their new tree. 
"This is awful! This tree isn't even supposed to be decorated! It's atrocious!" she ranted. The girls all nodded in agreement. 
"We need to do something to show how much this is unacceptable," Nikki said, and the girls came closer, circling the tree.
"Like?" Isabelle asked. 
Nikki grabbed Emma's trash can and hoisted the tree into it. The girls all watched nervously.
"This! It'll show how we feel about it! We want our pink tree back!" Nikki answered. Glitter was spread all over the place, including herself, so Nikki dusted herself off.   
Jess burst into the living room, her face showing her shock.
"What are you guys doing?" she asked.
"We are making a statement," Molly replied, squaring her shoulders.
"What kind of statement are you making by throwing away Emma's new room decoration?" Jess questioned.
"Room...decoration...?" Cecile chimed in.
"Yes! This isn't our Christmas tree, if that's what you thought."
The girls laughed awkwardly. "Oh..."
"This is our tree," Jess continued, and Adam stumbled in, carrying the large Christmas tree box.
The girls all cheered and drew the white tree from the trash can. They set it back on its stand, then grabbed their Christmas tree from the box. 
They put it in its normal place, Jess shaking her head at them. The four girls immediately went to work. Christmas was coming and they had a house to decorate!
I hope you liked the photostory! And I hope you have a great Christmas, see you next week!:D

Friday, December 9, 2016

Who I Think GOTY 2017 Should Be

At this late time in the year, December 9, to be exact, some stuff has been released about Girl of the Year 2017!
So far, I've heard that she goes on a similar journey as Saige did, that she stutters, and is African American. 
Mmm...from what I've seen, to be honest, I am uninterested.
What I think personally is that when AG has made a lot of black dolls, they limit the options for future AA's to look unique. So, I sort of think when Gabriella comes out, she's going to look like any other TM doll they already have. I could be wrong, but I don't really think so, so I am going to propose three alternative ideas for GOTY 2017!
(Disclaimer- I'm not actually trying to change who GOTY 2017 should be. XD LOL)

My first option is Mallory Johnson, she's twelve, and I haven't come up with any story for her. XD I really only came up with the design, cuz that's what I care about when I'm getting a doll, not what her story is.;D

She has the classic face mold, medium skin tone, Felicity's green eyes or a new color that is similar, curly black hair, and rectangular glasses that come with the doll. :)
Her wardrobe would definitely have some green in it, like her meet outfit does!
Mallory was inspired by the actual doll, Gabriella, but changed in ways. I used the silhouette of the doll that I saw HERE and started drawing. :D
I sort of imagine Mallory to really smart and into school and maybe want to be some sort of botanist! She could be so smart that some kids pick on her, and she has to learn that bullies are people, too, and maybe she could be friends at the end of the book with one of the girls that picked on her... I guess I just now came up with a story for her. XD 
Mallory is my favorite one I did.;)

The first girl I came up with is called Audrey McCarron! As I made her, I realized that she was looking a lot like one of my younger friends, so I named her first name after her. :D
She would have the classic face mold or the Marie-Grace face mold, blue eyes, light brown hair with longer bangs, and pale skin. She would be around ten or eleven.
Her meet outfit would be a blue and gray poncho, plain gray skirt, and fringe blue boots.
Maybe this girl could be trying to figure out what she wants to be later on in life, and has lots of options that she has to narrow down. I dunno. ;D
(I now realize she looks very similar to Grace Thomas...Hm...XD)

This is Kyra Brown, she's older than the others, and I imagine she's around thirteen years old, which is pretty old for AG to do.;)
Kyra has the classic face mold, medium skin tone, long curly-wavy hair, green eyes, and a new freckle pattern on her nose.
Her meet outfit would be a lot more modern and a bit older than AG usually does, and would be a white turtleneck tank top sort of style, black pants, a red and white flannel, and a pair of red and white sneakers.
I have really no idea of a story for her, other than the fact that she likes to skate and play video games... ;)

What do you guys think about my GOTYs? Which one is your favorite? Do you have any opinion on Gabriella, the real GOTY 2017, so far? :D

Converse with me in the comments below. ;)
P.S. The next post I do will be Christmas-y! YAYYY!! :D Maybe even a photostory...? ;)

Monday, December 5, 2016


Hey everyone!
Guess who's back from a writing vacation?
*points at myself*
Did you miss me?
*insert Moriarty picture here*
*sighs because most people here won't understand*
ANYWAY! If you were somehow unaware, I took a month vacay from Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls to do NANOWRIMO! And it went super well, I wrote over 50k, my word count goal, and won! Thanks for y'all support and well wishing during that.;)
*trumpet fanfare*
Technically, I should have made a post last Friday, but I was performing at my church and doing school and all that wonderful stuff (maybe as well watching YouTube), so I didn't have any time to.
I can't wait to get back to posting here, but I still don't know how often it will be since DECEMBER IS THE CRAZIEST MONTH OF THE YEAR! I plan to stick to my schedule though, things just might not be as great as they should be.
Just saying.

But guess what?
I AM NEARLY AT 60 FOLLOWERS!!! AND SOMEHOW EVERY ONE OF MY POSTS HAS 300-500 PAGE VIEWS ON IT?!?!?!?! (The ones that are recent at least)
I guess that's the sound of my blog blowing up...?XD LOL!
Like, seriously. I KNEW it was coming and yet it still went by without me knowing.
So lots of exciting stuff! My next post will likely have to do with GOTY 2017 and my thoughts and ideas of who she ought to be.;)

I guess this post has gone on long enough, I just want to say thank you for getting my blog to this point, because I would have given up years ago, back when I had Wack-A-Doodle-Doos if it weren't for the awesome people who came to my blog.
*wildly celebrates*
So, just, thanks!;)