Friday, May 1, 2015

Pool Problems - a mini photostory

Hi everyone! Today, I was playing around with my Barbie's and I took pictures for two posts! Yay!:) This one is pretty small, but I hope you like it!:D
"Bye, Chelsea! Diane and I are going to the pool," Alice said as she began to walk outside.
"Oh, Alice, the pool is under construction for a couple weeks," Chelsea informed.
"NO! HOW WILL I GET TANNED AND HAVE POOL PARTIES?" Alice whined, "NO, NO, NO, NO!" Alice threw her hands up in the air.
"But," Chelsea looked to her right and left, then whispered, "I have a place that's just as good," Chelsea grinned and Alice smiled hopefully.
"This. Stinks."
So, yeah, it's a small story, but I hope you liked it!:)
Do you prefer to swim at the pool or go to the beach?
Bonus Pic-
(It looks like there isn't water in it but there is.;D)


  1. I like to swim at the beach better, because of the waves!


  2. LOL! This was really funny!! :-D
    Probably a pool, because the nearest beach is pretty far from where I live.

  3. I like the pool, because I love to jump in!

  4. HA HA HA!! "This. Stinks." XD. Sorry, that just made me giggle so hard! XD XD XD
    I like swimming at the beach better...The ocean is fun to stand in, and you get to body-board on the waves with my cousins! Well, for me anyways because summer vaca with my whole family is at the beach. And plus - ya get to build sandcastles! :D I like swimming in a pool too, but our pool in the back of our new house is really cold and not very