Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hailey's Photoshoot

Hey everyone! Today, I took some pictures really quickly of Hailey after the rain stopped.:) I didn't  change her outfit from a photoshoot I took a couple days ago, that I have not posted yet.:)

I think that this photo will be her profile picture. This one or.... 

...or this one.:) What do you think?:)

I have a twin photoshoot coming up soon, so stay tuned!:) Have a nice day!:)
Which picture is your favorite?:)


  1. It so hard to choose a profile pick but I would go with the third one :) Graces baking outfit and the meet skirt go very well together, great combination!

  2. The lighting in this is gorgeous! And Hailey is beautiful. I love all the pictures, but the last one is especially pretty. I love the way her hair is swept over her shoulder.

  3. Lovely photos as always, Emma!! She's such a cute girl ^_^ And I perfer the 2nd profile pic over the first :)
    You have rain over where you live, too? We are going through a thunderstorm here- usually I get happy about that kind of stuff but today I'm not because my swim team championships meet had to be canceled :P

  4. I like the last of your profile pic considerations, and the one before the first of your considerations. Pretty!


  5. Pretty pictures! I love the cupcake shirt <3 I especially like the third picture, the lighting is beautiful!

  6. Cute outfit and I love the pictures. The last one is my favorite.

  7. you are very good at taking pictures!