Thursday, May 26, 2016

Leah's Birthday Dilemma - A Photostory

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Now here is my most recent photostory for all of y'all!:D
I'll let Leah take over from here...
I walked through the house, trying to figure out something to do when I was bored. I couldn't go hiking, walking, to the zoo-
"Hey, Leah!" Jess broke into my train of thought and I looked up with a smile on my face.
"Hi," I greeted. I noted the box in her hands. What could that be?
"I thought I would remind you that it's Faye's birthday today and we're celebrating tonight. Do you have anything to give her?"
The smile on my face dropped. 
Gosh, I felt awful. Forgetting your sister's birthday and being the newest girl in the house? Embarrassing. Terrible. Ugh.
"I didn't know," I said. 
"Great!" Jess cried, then laughed at herself. "Not great that you forgot, but great that I got an extra thing when I went shopping for her birthday. It's a Disney tsum tsum of one of her favorite characters, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You can pay me back later." 
She scooted closer, pushing the tsum at me, her eyes darting around in search for Faye. I did a quick analysis of the situation and my new family. Everyone was artistic in some way and every girl was thoughtful. All of my sisters would be putting a ton of thought and care into their present for Faye. I couldn't be the only girl who gave her something store bought. Forget something that was just handed to me! 
"Sorry, Jess. I have something different in mind," I replied and shoved the tsum away.
"Oh, okay. That's fine," Jess said. I paused.
"Aren't Faye and Hailey twins?" I asked, furrowing my brows. Jess nodded. "Then it's Hailey's birthday, too."
Jess tittered. "No... Faye wanted her own birthday this year. Apart from Hailey. So, she's declaring it's today. That's why I wasn't surprised that you didn't know." Jess winked and left. I snorted. That sounded like Faye. 
Pulling out my phone, I scrolled Amazon for something Faye might like. A legitimate lightsaber with LED lights caught my eye. Then the price did. I gasped, almost dropping my phone.
"One hundred and fifty-eight dollars?" I shrieked as I closed the app in a hurry. There was no way I had that much money. I put my phone away. Lightsaber or not, I was determined to get Faye an amazing gift with lots and lots of thought. Just like what all of the other girls would be doing. 
I strolled to the kitchen where Eden was putting away her things.
"What are you doing?" I asked her.
"Oh, I made Star Wars inspired cupcakes for Faye's birthday party tonight. She is going to love them!"
"Do you want my help?" I questioned, eager to join in on something that Faye would be majorly excited about. 
Eden jumped up, her eyes wide. "Your help...baking?"
A memory flashed across my mind as the smell of smoke and charred cookies burned my nostrils again. I cringed. Maybe baking wasn't the best thing for me to do.
I laughed nervously. "Never mind." 
I pulled away from Eden as she went back to work. What could I possibly do? I thought to myself. 
Isabelle and Caroline sat in the living room together, talking in hushed tones. I perked up at the sight of them. Whatever it was, it looked like it was for Faye's birthday and didn't require preheating an oven. 
"Hey, girls!" I cried. "What are you two up to?" I glanced down at Caroline's note pad. 
"We're writing a fan fiction script for Episode VIII with everything Faye wants in the eighth movie: more Kylo Ren, a Luke and Leia reunion, BB-8 being super adorable...the basics," Caroline explained. She was obviously giddy over writing such an exciting story.
"Saige is even going to make a cover for the 'book'!" Isabelle added. 
"I could help!" I exclaimed. An awkward silence followed. "Um. So who's Kylo Ren?"
"You should probably sit this one out, Leah," Isabelle said, her voice quiet and soft.
"Oh, okay. No problem," I backed away, feeling embarrassed.  
I slunk to the ground with a sigh. It was hopeless. I just wasn't creative like all of my siblings. I checked the time. Only an hour until Faye's party and I had as much as I had started out with. Faye would hate me for sure. 
The hour flew by and one hastily thrown together card later, I was as ready as I would ever be for the party. 
Guilt weighed on me as I looked at the pile of awesome presents at Faye's side. Eden passed out her cupcakes, which were fabulous. It was definitely a good thing I stayed out of that, I decided. 
Faye began the present opening and she picked up a skateboard.
"RAD!" she shouted, her face lighting up. "Thanks, Adam!" We looked around for Adam, but he was nowhere to be seen. Weird...
The presents whizzed by, each one amazing and totally thoughtful. Each one Faye burst out with a huge thank you and a beaming smile. The presents ended and Faye was about to get up when I walked to her, handing her my boring card. 
She took it from me with a smile and read it. 
She kept her same smile on, but there was no enthusiastic reaction, not that I expected one. She closed the card, said thank you, and I slipped away. Written across my face was shame and embarrassment. I couldn't believe that that awful card was the best I could do for Faye's first birthday with me there. Ugh, ugh, ugh! 
Jess discreetly came to me and slipped me the Obi-Wan tsum. I sighed, taking it away from her. I gave her a weak smile and took it to Faye. I guess it was better than just a card. Right? 

"There's also this," I muttered as I held out the tsum. Faye's eyes widened, her hands reaching out to take it from me. I stared at her, waiting for a reaction. 
Faye oggled at the tsum, unable to take her eyes away from it. I braced myself for another awkward thank you when Faye squealed so high pitched that I was sure my ear drum shattered. 
She leaped up, squeezing the tsum with all of her might.
"OBI-WAN!" she screamed. I gasped. She loved it! 
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Faye careened to me, wrapping me up in the most powerful hug I had ever experienced. I almost fell down. 
She pulled away from me as she retightened her hold on her tsum, stroking his fluffy hair.
"Obi-Wan! Obi-Wan! Obi-Wan!" she continued and I stared, dazed at her. How was it that she loved him so much, when I was sure she wouldn't like it at all? 
I smiled as I watched her pet him.
I guess sometimes life surprises you. I grinned. It was a very, very good thing I didn't meddle with the cupcakes.
I hope you liked the story!:) I had fun making it!;)


  1. This is super cute, Emma! :D Yay for Star Wars!
    ~Grace <3

    1. Thanks, Grace! Go Star Wars!;)

  2. Aww, that was so funny and sweet! I loved the ending. :D Your photostories are always the best!

    -Clara <3

    1. Thank you so much, Clara!:D

  3. I loved it! Faye is so pretty. :)

    <3 Miri <3

  4. Aaaaw! That was adorable! That Obi-Wan tsum... :D Star Wars birthdays are super. I love Caroline and Isabelle's idea! :)
    <3 , IrishAG

  5. This is such a funny story! I love all the Star Wars gifts they were making for Faye. :) Especially the Episode VIII fan script. :) And the Obi-Wan tsum tsum is adorable! I got him during a tsum tsum sale and I just love his hair. I made him a Jedi cape and I think Catlover02's Qui-gon tsum tsum is jealous. :)

    1. Thanks, AGDA!:) That is so cool! I mean, who wouldn't be? I think my Obi-Wan wants a cape, too!;)