Monday, February 6, 2017

*flush* That's the Sound of AG's Quality Going Down the Drain

Hi everyone! :)
Long time no see, right? Before I go onto this post, I wanna just apologize for not posting weekly and not finishing Faye's Takeover Week because I was busy and uninspired. I plan to get back into the swing of things starting THIS Friday, and that means new posts every week at the regular day- Friday! :)

Now that that has been said, let's talk.
American Girl has slowly been, well, let's say decreasing in quality. Everything seems like it's getting cheaper and cheaper ever since they got rid of the Bitty babies and brought in the Wellie Wishers, but even before that more things were plastic and not worth the $35+ that they were charging.
And now things seem to be spiraling! It's said that sewn-on underwear are going to be on the dolls, not removable undies! The new boxes are a huge problem as well! They look SO awful, I can't even express how much I dislike them. They're so cheap and look like they're selling you a doll that you can just buy at Toys R Us.

Oh wait.

You CAN.

There are also just a ton more problems that are evident in the quality, so Jaclynn and American Girl Doll Artist are asking us to email or send letters to American Girl expressing our concerns and unhappiness with the new changes. Because now it's not that they're just changing things up, they're making things super cheap, while still raising the price.
You can read Jaclynn's post on this here- LINKEDY LINK LINK

So, please help in this movement (I guess ;D) and let's try to spur on AG to better quality like how they did it in the olden days! ;) And if you don't want to email AG or anything, then you can still make a post about it or add this button that AGDA and Jaclynn made onto your sidebar!

Thank you for spreading the word! :D


  1. I agree! It's true, if you look at older AG items and compare them to the current ones, you can see the changes! ARGHH, the boxes, you're right, they make AG look super cheap, and the prices just get higher… :(

  2. Oh my goodness, seriously? Sewn on underwear? >:0
    I'm so glad someone's taking initiative to act!
    Way to go Emma, Jaclynn, and AGDA!

  3. I am also disappointed with the direction AG is going. In my opinion, I don't mind the cheaper packaging, as long as the doll itself is undamaged, but permanent undies? No thanks!

    On a happier note, I do like Tenney and her collection. And you've got the boy doll you've always wanted, Emma! ;)