Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Ever After Highs - Who I Got

Hey everyone!
I got to take pictures of the new EAH dolls I received for Christmas. The lighting was ideal and I had one of the best times I have had taking pictures.:) You know that feeling when you just love how your photos are looking from the camera lens and you're enjoying it so much, then you see the pictures and they are just as good as you saw them in your head? That's how today was for me.;)
Okay, so I'll start off the photoshoot!:)
Going from left to right, I got-
Darling Charming, Madi Hatter, and Lizzie Hearts!:) They are all so cute and I am so glad I got them, Darling and Lizzie have been on my wish list for a while and Madi was a random present I wasn't expecting, which is always fun!:D
I got Darling from my best friend, Jaclynn, Lizzie from my grandparents, and Madi from my brother.:) 
I think they make a perfect trio, all different but somehow they go, as if they were meant to be best friends.:) 
I'll start the separate photoshoots with Lizzie, the daughter of the Red Queen. I was beyond excited when I got her because I have been wanting her for probably over a year.:) Her hair is amazing, but when she came out of the box it was icky and I had to curl it by hand. Although it started off badly, it's looking great now!:D I am thinking of doing that boiling hair treatment for her gelled hair on the top of her head, since that will probably be mess whenever/if ever I take it out.;P 

She's got the prettiest outfit! I love the peplum sides to her dress and the mix of patterns.:)

I love this picture.:) 
Next up, we have Madi Hatter! I can't look at Madi and not think of her having a goof ball personality, so she's going to be goofy, crazy, silly, and not only that, but a HUGE Star Wars fan.
Oh! That reminds me, I need to make a photostory about Faye....;) 
This picture turned out dark because today was mildly overcast, but for some reason I like dark pictures, they look mysterious.;D 
Madi's outfit is so cute! I love the little polka dots on her dress and the apron-- 
Oh, and I am just realizing that her skirt looks like there is chocolate dripping over it! 
The one thing I don't like about Madi, is that her dress has to be the shortest dress I have in my doll collection!XD It's insanely short, but I don't think I got a picture of just how small it is.;) 

Oh, wait! You can see in this picture how short it is, but even here she is sitting and the dress looks way longer than it really is.;P 
Now we have the last EAH! Darling Charming, daughter of Prince Charming and sister of Daring and Dexter Charming! She is so pretty and I love her face shape! It's longer than most of the others, more of an oval, which I think makes her look older.:D And can I say how much I LOVE HER OUTFIT!?
With the armor and metallic details and the princess style dress, it's just an amazing combination! I have to say I want one in my size.XD Although the skirt's fabric is not at all stretchy, so it's a bit hard to make her sit down, but not impossible.:) 
She also has a beauty mark, which really adds to her character and look.:) 

Now, for some more group photos!:)
Here we have my two Wonderlandians.;D 
Then some "everyone" shots.:) 

I really like the angle on this one, I think it's different from what I usually do.:)
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.:D I had so much fun taking pictures, which might have been the reason for the super long post.;)
The lighting in my house hasn't been great for taking pictures for TAUT yet, so I am waiting for it to get somewhat brighter in my room before I start shooting. Also, I have yet to have a lot of time to take pictures and get my dolls all ready for the series.;)
But I will be back soon with a review on Lea Clark's meet outfit, so be prepared for that. It'll probably be within the next few days.:)


  1. I *LOVE* that last picture! It's ADORABLE!

  2. Ever After High Dolls are by far my favorite doll brand! I have sugar coated Maddie and I have Apple!

    1. Yay! Someone who likes them as much as me!;) That's so cool! I have Apple White, too!:D

  3. Great pictures! I love the second one.